Sunday, September 23, 2018

September Makes

I am not sure what it is about this time of year:  perhaps the cooler weather, a return to a routine lacking for over two months, or simply just the energetic change of the turning season, but all I want to do at this time of year is MAKE stuff.  Every night my mind runs with what I want to do the  following day.  Not in that awful, "I have so much to do" way, but an exciting, anticipatory way where I just know something good is going to happen no matter what.  I might start stitching something new: or try a new, seasonal recipe; or find the perfect fabric or paint swatch for some home DIY.

 I think this year the feeling is compounded by the fact that I have more time at home than I did last year.  The part time job I had started last summer turned into a full time one by September, and I was left with little to no time for indulging in nesting to the nth degree.  In the interest of preserving family harmony and often my own frazzled state of mind I left that job in mid-April.  I felt so un-tethered for months after, but in the last little while have come back to my old routines and actually look forward to being at home for large stretches during the day.  I would still like to find another job:  something part time and without the crazy hours would be ideal.  I also really enjoyed having somewhere else to go and being with people who had new things to talk about.

New yarn from my first-ever Fibre Fest!  

Another two hands and perhaps four or five more hours in my day would be good:  I could hook and stitch and bake so much more that way!  I guess I will just have to settle for what I have, and be grateful I have the time (and hands) that I do!

So what have I been up to?  It feels like everything!  Putting fall touches outside and inside for starters, then on to other crafty adventures.

I crocheted this deliciously soft Alpaca scarf in autumn colours.  I didn't have it for long as my Mum, who was having a birthday very soon, admired it so much I really couldn't say no!  It did give me another opportunity to find the perfect, fall-inspired yarn though, so it worked out well for both of us!
Pattern:  Naturally Southern Scarf by ELK Studio .  This pattern will definitely be repeated.

Quilting has been on my mind a lot.  I got a bee in my bonnet that I NEEDED to make this, and of course I needed to pick new fall fabrics for it.

Lonestar Wall hanging.  I used a great tutorial from the Hopeful Homemaker blog.

Autumn cross stitching:  the colours were just so perfect for the season.  

'Autumn' sampler cross stitch by Irina Veber of Verbena CS on Etsy.  This was a super-enjoyable stitch and ticked all the boxes for fall flavour.

'September' block from the Palko-lap blog.  I have been using my DMC Coloris threads for these little monthly blocks.  I am not sure just yet how I will display these, but am happy to wait until the perfect idea comes.

No fall colours, but something bright, stitchy and new for my craft room:

'Sewing Day' embroidery pattern by Blueberry Backroads.  I want to stitch them all!

I also have a sweater in the works, and a few Christmas projects started.  I do need to focus on some warm weather work inside and outside the house while the weather is holding out.  A bit of new paint; some gardening, that sort of thing. 
 I am still (fairly) regularly showing updates on all my creative projects via Instagram and YouTube should you care to drop by.

Thanks for visiting me today;  until next time,
Happy Days!

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Becki said...

Somehow I fell off your e-mail subscription list and I didn't know you had gotten back to blogging 'till I came in here off your youtube channel today. So many beautiful things, Jenn. I am just so impressed at what all you get get done. I look forward to catching up here!

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