All my current works in progress I'm hoping to turn into RIP's!

Cross Stitch

Teacup peony         03/05/2015
Stitcher's Alphabet
Quaker Turtles
Chinese bamboo
DMC Holly wreath     01/2016
French autumn blackbird.  09/2015
red and white heart box top
Chut je brode       01/2016


postage stamp pillow cover     06/2015


Purple vest
blue baby blanket
Blossoming Bag
Ricicles scarf             03/2015
Vineyard scarf           02/24/2015
stool cover
baby washcloths         08/2015
kitchen scrubbers
purple shawl


shirt quilt                    08/2015
PJ bottoms                  01/2016
quilted hot pads          06/2015
baby bibs                    08/2015
hem bedroom curtains  04/2016
hem living room curtains   04/2016


sewing table       03/03/2015
restore family room table   05/2016
window trim     04/2016
spare room moulding    04/2016

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