Friday, August 11, 2017


Hello!  Happy August!

I was hoping I could sneak back for a quickie update.  It's funny that you can have lots of extra time during the summer for fun little pursuits, but keeping up with the day to day routines seems harder somehow.

My house is a mess:  I don't recall the last time I gave it more than a quick sweep.  I have been doing laundry, but the clean clothes sit in the basket until the basket is almost empty.  I think I must be rebelling a bit because I feel summer is going way to quickly.  Perhaps the more I act like a sloth, the more I feel I will really have had some time off.  That kind of thinking must be logical somewhere, right?

Despite all this heel digging I have been making.  The orderly part of me that is still trying to get through the mountains of yarn has been preparing for future cleaning.  I am (still!) going through my cotton yarn stash.  I now have enough dishcloths, swiffer covers and scrubbers to last for a very long time.  I am also working on a colourful mat for somewhere in the house, just because the thought of stitching up fifteen more dishcloths was a little depressing.

I do feel I can see the light at the end of this Bernat Handicrafter tunnel though:  once the mat is finished I have allocated almost all the rest of the cotton stash to specific projects.  They may not get started right away, but at least the yarn left over will have Purpose, and that changes the way I feel about it.

I tend to cross stitch less in the summer, so other than some birthday cards and a yet-to-be finished ornament,  I have just been poking my needle into a few of my current WIP's.  I joined a Facebook stitch-along for August whose theme is 'All Creatures Great and Small':  for this I brought out the butterfly kit I purchased last summer.

I signed up for Stitch From Stash again, and am hoping to do a bit better this time around.  'Miserable Failure' would be the right way to describe my last attempt at it!
I started off with a decent sized finish, so that combined with the three small finishes leaves me in the black at fifteen dollars.

This chart is by Veronique Enginger, one of my favourite French designers.  The chart is from her book, 'Douceurs et gourmandises au point de croix'.

I have done a tad of sewing too, but I think if this was not for another person I would not have it finished yet!  Another project bag for cross stitch with a sparkly needleminder, and two Eiffel Tower stitch markers because they also knit and crochet.  It's pretty obvious I love a good theme!

Now here we are, almost to the middle of August and fall seems to be waiting just around the corner.  As much as I want summer for a bit longer, I can feel the shift in my mind as I catch myself thinking about meal planning and cooler weather home projects.  Time marches on I guess, but it would be nice if it just stopped to put its feet up for a little bit wouldn't it?

Enjoy the rest of your summer:  I'll be back next time with another crafty slice of life. 😊

Happy Days!


Justine said...

You always make such lovely things Jen. Your project bag is beautiful and I love love love the Veronique Enginger finish.

Had to laugh at your logic with the yarn though - makes perfect sense to a crafter!

Robin in Virginia said...

Hi Jenn! What a super post to read this morning! I enjoyed seeing and reading about your projects. What a neat idea with the Swiffer covers! Have a fabulous weekend!

Becki said...

Oooh, Jenn... Another lovely collection of beautiful things you've made. Is that colorful crochet project a Cozy Stripe blanket in the vein of Lucy's at Attic 24? I really want to make one of those. And your cross stitch projects are so pretty and well done - as always. What a pretty project bag. I don't tend to think in terms of themes for some reason, but I always enjoy when others do. Love the Eiffel Tower stitch marker! :) So... dare I admit that at one time I had around 50 crocheted dishcloths in my stash? I make a bunch and then find a use for them or give a bunch away. I have a stash at the moment, but it's never gotten quite that big again.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Brigitte said...

I think being a bit lazy during the summer is definitely allowed. We have the household chores all year round so why not neglect them for a bit and for a while? I always feel good when doing so, lol.
But you weren't lazy craft-wise. That colourful mat will certainly find its place in your house once it's finished. And your stitched cards are very beautiful. Nice progress on the butterfly kit, too.
I once was taking part in the first Stitch from Stash group and it was great doing so. Never before have I browsed through my stitching stash so often discovering many lovely charts that were just waiting for being stitched. Since that experience I buy must less new stash and I'm still completely happy with it.
Véronique Enginger is such a talented designer. I love nearly all her designs and have one in the works, it's an Etude botanique, a hydrangea and I love stitching on it.

Carol said...

You are doing a great job of working through your yarn stash, Jenn! Enough pretty dishcloths for another five years, I predict :) Love the colorful mat, too--that would cheer up even the grumpiest person!

I haven't had the time to stitch much this summer--I will be so glad when my son's wedding is over and the holidays and I can sit and stitch all winter :) But, your little cards and the butterfly piece are adorable and I so look forward to watching that lovely Patisserie piece grow--wow! That is gorgeous!

Lovely project bag--I'm sure the recipient was very pleased.

Enjoy what's left of August--it's been a very cool one here, I'm sad to say. Not very summerlike at all...

mrs. smythe said...

I feel like I've been SO lazy this summer. And it's funny you'd say that about the laundry, because that was what happened to me this week. BUT - while you've been stitching up lovely things and being productive, I've just been reading. I found an author I really like (Georgette Heyer) and have been going through her stuff at an alarming pace. On the plus side, I feel wonderfully rested...but don't get me started on the way the house looks. Anyway...your projects are gorgeous as always. And, the way you finish everything (frames, etc.) always makes them look so nice. Love the colors you chose for your mat - also the order you worked the stripes. Enjoy what remains of the summer!

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