Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thursday Things

After mis-placing yet another homework assignment due yesterday, I finally got it together today to make a pocket file to hold those bits and pieces needed for school.  I had planned on making this ages ago, but what was stopping me was fabric choice.  I couldn't decide if it should match my kitchen; if I should use fabric I liked, or if it should have a kid feel, since it would be used for kid stuff.  I did a bit of a compromise and chose a bright blue/green stripe paired with yellow gingham.  

Now we have a place to store those homework assignments that are not due the next day, but still need to be out so we can see them and be reminded that the due-date is coming up.  It will also hold all those little readers the kids come home with and their school library books.

I also started work on yet another scarf for a friend.  I started a pink scarf for her early in the year, and after unravelling it a number of times and finally completing it I decided it just wasn't right.  Scarf number two is made with a chunky kind of yarn, and I am trying one of those ruffle-y type ones.  I love how fast it's going, but after unravelling it twice and now almost being done, I think it's too long and has to be unravelled again!

It's a good think I love crochet.


Pumpkin said...

That's a good idea!

Are you serious???? I think you're being too fussy ;o)

Felicity said...

what a good idea, im afraid ours gets put ontop of the fridge and usually ends up falling in tea! he he! fliss xxx

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