Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Perfectly Pink

I couldn't resist these gerbera daisies when I saw them in the store the other day. They are so Perfectly Pink.
I love, love, love pink - but it's not my "most favoritest" color.
Not even my second "most favoritest", but probably my third.
If I love pink this much, then you can imagine how much I love my first and second favorite colors.

Anyway back to pink. I noticed how well the daisies matched my yarn so I had to take a "pinkture." Oh my, I'm so clever; ha, ha.
As you can see I'm making progress on my scarf. As you can also see I have switched patterns. I figured I will never learn crochet if I keep getting frustrated. So I found a pattern that only has two rows of instructions, instead of five or six. It's not as lacy as I wanted, but I still like it. The only problem is it's too wide. You're looking at it vertically, so rotate it clockwise in your head and you will see how wide it's supposed to be. It would be OK if it were to be a shorter scarf, but I want a long one that can be wrapped around the neck once or twice and then hang down the front of the coat. So, that means I have to pull it all apart...again...and start over. It's almost heartbreaking to do, but it's better I decide this now and not when I'm farther along. I should be an expert in this pattern by the time I'm done!

Today was supposed to be a gloomy one here so I had plans on cleaning the house and not looking outside. Instead it's sunny and My Favorite Boy and I have been lounging for far too long in our pyjamas. I have been making wish lists and web-hunting for craft space set-up/storage ideas. Sooner to become a reality now that we have decided to fix up the basement. Maybe not this Spring kind of reality, but hopefully 2010 reality. The brain-storming process is the most fun, don't you think?
Now where is my Ikea catalogue?

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Pumpkin said...

SO pretty! Live flowers are so nice this time of year :o) Your scarf is lovely. I'm sorry you've had to start it over...again.

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