Thursday, June 29, 2017

A Little Update


Last time I was here I wished you a happy Spring;  now it's time to wish you a happy Summer!

We have had some nice weather, but my goodness we have seen our fair share of rain.  Mr. Crafty World and I have been digging and planting like demons to get our property looking up to snuff;  it would have happened a lot faster if we didn't have to wait a week (or two!) between sessions to get things done.  However, we have almost gotten the gardens looking like we want them too, but of course with gardens you are never really satisfied or have enough plants do you?

I did get my flower fix with a cross stitch project though.  I think I was working on this last time I was here but was not quite finished.

This chart is from a recent issue of The World of Cross Stitching magazine.  I did a little experiment with this stitching project:  I wanted to see how long it would take if I only worked on one piece, and how I would like it.  I was feeling bogged down by the amount of projects I have on the go; and while I do get finishes they don't happen as quickly as I would like.  I worked on this for four weeks:  by week three I was ready to move on; and week four I almost couldn't stand the sight of it.  So now I know that I like to have variety in my stitching and have of course started about three new things on top of what I am already working on!

I also completed a small Christmas stitch I started last year:  this is a Dimensions kit.

This little gift stitch was made into a lavender sachet:

This was something new I tried:  stitching on burlap.  This design is from Anette Eriksson who has an Etsy shop.  It was very quick to work up, but any mistakes I made were an absolute bear to pick out.  I will definitely stitch more on burlap because I like the rustic look of it; I will just be extra cautious in my stitching!

I did change the design slightly.  Under '√áhateau' it is supposed to say 'Saint Etienne  Est. 1759'.  I changed it to Saint Emilion as that is a French village we have loved visiting, and the first time we went there was 2001.  That's what I like about stitching and crafting:  you can can customize things to make them personal and meaningful to you.

Not much on the hooky front I'm afraid.  I have been going through my cottons to cut down on that stash.  A whole pile of dishcloths have been made and are waiting to have the ends darned in.  Next up will be some potholders similar to this one:

I started a shell stitch scarf with some of the yarn I bought in the spring.  I was hoping I would have enough for a short, double wrapped cowl, but sadly not.  I will have to order another skein and cross my fingers the dye lots are similar to what I have.  I have been looking around and it is not easy to find this yarn, so I have to take what I can get.

Of course a little craftiness had to be  done during all that rain as well.  I bought these solar lights with the idea of wrapping the globes with yarn, and putting them in my craft room.  I tried different weights of yarn and even embroidery floss, but all of them blocked out the light.  Since the globes are already wrapped with a white cotton thread, I decided to try dipping the globes into clothing dye to see if that would work.

I'm happy to report it did!  I just love going into my craft room at night and seeing these lit up.

Thrift store shopping has yielded more brooches to turn into needle minders:  with all those works in progress I have I need quite a few!

My daughter has one more school obligation to do and then the summer will begin in earnest for us.  We are having guests for the Canada Day weekend which I am really looking forward to, and the week after I start a new part time job. I hope I like it:  I think the change will be nice.

Until next time thank you for visiting and your kind words.  I hope you have a wonderful summer!

Happy Days,

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