Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas Makes

Oh, it's been such a long time since I visited my little bloggy space:  I have actually missed it.  I have not even been around to read all of your lovely posts too; something that I love doing with a cup of tea and something sweet to eat.  I am going to try and catch up with all of you over the Christmas break.  I refuse to let Christmas be over on December 25th, and am planning on much slow-ness and craftiness and happy things over the days after.

So!  Can you believe it's almost here?!  I can't at all.  I am prepared for it all I think:  gifts are bought, the most important cards are sent; cookies have been made.  It will only be the four of us this year in our new house and I am really looking forward to a different feel to the celebrations.

Of course I have been crafting away for the past few months:  I hope you are prepared for a long-ish and picture heavy blog post!
I'm glad that last year I made so many gifts because this year I made none!  Too much upheaval and home improvement in the latter half of the year didn't really make me feel like putting pressure on myself to make gifts.  Or cards for that matter:  I only made two this year :

(The rest were from the store; I didn't actually only send two cards!)  These are stitched on paper with embroidery floss.  There are free patterns and downloads to buy at  It was nice to do something different, though I wouldn't say you save a lot of time by doing these over cross stitch.

I got two more ornaments stitched up:

This is a Dimensions kit I ordered as my "payment" for painting the house!  It came with the hanger and jingle bells, though I substituted some evenweave from my stash for the very stiff aida fabric it came with.

Over the course of our house move my rolling pins have gone missing.  We don't understand how just these things can be gone when we don't seem to be missing any other kitchen stuff, yet there you have it.  Whenever we can't find anything we say, "It must be with the rolling pins!"  I am telling you this so you understand why I stitched this as our 2016 ornament!

Here is a little 'line-up' of all the ornaments I stitched/finished in 2016:

Not the twelve I was hoping for, but pretty good I think!

My last little cross stitch Christmas finish is just something fun to display some of the fimo pins I made a few years ago and to use the cute little wicker sleigh:

The floss is called "Peppermint" by Carrie's Creations.

On My Hooks:

Not a lot of crochet has been going on here lately.  I find it bothers my shoulder quite a bit so I can only do this in small doses.  I started on a peppermint stripe tea cosy last year, so this year I added some white Christmas roses and holly leaves to it.  My teapot isn't a typical design so pictures are always a little hard to take of it:


A fun afternoon was spent doing some free motion embroidery on this little picture for my craft room:

This is a combination of two different patterns from Bustle and Sew magazine,

Project bags!  Can I just say I found these pretty addicting to make, and I want to make more! Truthfully though I don't think one should have this many projects on the go...

Six more days until Christmas and I still have plans to make more ornaments and sew more things and I still feel like I can get it All Done; which of course I can't but it's so much fun to think so.

I want to say an enormous THANK-YOU!! to all of you who visit me here in my little crafty space and leave me such lovely messages here, and on Instagram and my little youtube channel.  It's so nice to be able to connect with other crafty minded folk, especially when you don't have any such souls in your immediate area.  I hope you all have a lovely holiday with good things to eat, and pleasant things to do; and snow (if you want it), and pretty lights, and laughter and all the good stuff there is to have.

Merry Christmas!

xo Jenn


mrs. smythe said...

Lots of beautiful things! I've never seen those kinds of embroidered cards - they're lovely! And the rolling pin ornament is adorable - especially with those little cookie cutter embellishments. How fun, too, that that particular ornament is tied to a memory. I really like ALL of the ornaments you managed to do.The free motion embroidery is intriguing. I've never heard of that either. Love how you used a fabric that looks like falling snow and the snowflake button hub caps. Have a wonderful Christmas up north! We're pretty frigid here in New England, but it should warm some for the holiday.

Robin in Virginia said...

Oh my goodness, Jenn! I love the ornaments and the cards you have created. I think you did great with your crafting projects considering you moved and had home improvements tossed in. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas; thinking of you!

Becki said...

Oh boy! I was so excited to see a new post from you, Jenn. I got myself a cup of hot chocolate so I could sit a spell and relax while I enjoy all your new pretties. Your cards are awesome and once again I love how you inspire me to think about new crafts!

The cardinal cross-stitch ornament looks so rich. I'm having a little trouble fathoming how quickly you must cross stitch (or maybe you're just persistent and consequently finish things I would have drug out forever...)

Okay... at the risk of sounding like I'm overly gushing, I want you to know that I feel compelled to comment on pretty much everything. Because everything I see here just makes me "squee" inside. :)

I love the rolling pin ornament and I love the little charms you put on it. All of your ornaments seem to have a special touch to them. It's the special touches that makes me "squee", I'm sure. :)

The sleigh pin cushion is adorable. So that floss is one variegated floss? It made such a pretty design on the cushion. I love the idea of this sitting out as a decoration in a house that is also decorated with cross stitch!

And your teapot cozy is so cute. I love the white flowers added to it. I'm sorry to read crocheting hurts your shoulder. How great that you have other creative pursuits you can enjoy.

The picture of the Volkswagan with a Christmas tree tied to it is wonderful. I would love to see pictures of something like this "in process". Just sayin'... ;)

Love the project bags! I really should give making one a go - just to see how addicting they are to make, you know. I can totally imagine with all your crafting how you could have all of them filled with something fun you're creating.

Thank you for sharing again, Jenn! I'm going to sit a while longer and gaze again at all your pretties. :) A wonderful Christmas to you and yours!

Carol said...

So good to get caught up on your creative world, Jenn! IG is fun, but lacks the "sit down and let's visit" aspect that I feel when I visit blogs...

I love those cards--have always been fascinated by stitched cards like that. And your ornaments--wow! One is cuter than the next--all so sweet. If I had to pick a favorite, it would have to be the rolling pin--love the story behind it, too.

I haven't attempted a project bag, but it's on my list for next year. My sewing skills are pretty limited to stitching a straight line when I finish ornaments so we'll see...

Wishing you and your family a lovely Christmas day!

Justine said...

So happy to see a post from you! Your blog is one of my favourites.
I love everything you've stitched and think you've had a great year considering your big house move.
Your ornaments are adorable and as Becki said above, so many lovely touches.
Hope you have a wonderful first Christmas in your new home.

Brigitte said...

Oh my, Jen, you have been so busy over the last weeks and months. And you have such an impressive collection of ornaments stitched and finished here. I love them all, they are so beautiful. But my favorite would be the one with the cardinal. And there is even an ornament that reminds you of the pin wheel that has disappeared during the move, lol.
These crocheted and sewn projects are very beautiful, too, no wonder that you want to make more of them. Great, these project bags, in my opinion you can't have enough :)
I hope that the Christmas holiday was wonderful - the first in your new home. Enjoy your crafting time!

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