Tuesday, October 18, 2016

October Update

Hello again!

I'm so happy to be able to share a Big Finish with you today:  Brooke's Books Stitcher's Alphabet is complete!!

Last time I left you I think I was at the letter R and saying I should just knuckle down and finish it.  So I did!  I worked like gang-busters and finished the last eight blocks in less than two weeks.  Here is a little close-up of the last eight:

'S' for Sampler and 'T' for Tatting (and thimble).

'U' for UFO (unfinished object); 'V' for Variegated threads and 'W' for Wool.

'X' for X-stitch: 'Y' for yarn (isn't that cat cute?!) and 'Z' for Zig-zag.

I am happy, happy, happy to be finished this one.  It was fun to work on:  each block had new colours and motifs and it didn't get boring.  I am hoping to frame this one, I just want to work out a mat/frame combo.  This will take centre stage in my craft room for sure.

And speaking of finishes, I have another!  Much smaller of course, but a finish all the same:)

This was a little DMC kit I kept in the car.  Every time the kids have an activity after school where I need to pick them up, I work on a small kit.  It helps pass the time, and sometimes I even show up a little early just to get a little uninterrupted stitchy time!  I think I will count this as one of my Ornament-a-Month projects.

After my 'reveal' of Vintage Christmas in my last post I decided to turn it into a wall hanging.  I found a quilting store really close to me and found this fabric which is just about perfect I think.

On the crochet front I am ashamed to say my One Button Wrap is still not finished.  I have ripped out the last side three times and right now I don't want to see it for a while.  At least cross stitching has kept me busy!

One new thing I tried was making a floss tube video.  Scary! Thankfully it was met with many kind words so I will probably make another.  I pretty much talk about all the same stuff I do here;  there is just more content on what I'm working on at the moment.  If you fancy having a look here is the link:

So it's almost Halloween, can you believe it?  I put out some of my things; cross stitch first of course!

This isn't all of it, but enough for this part of the house anyway.  This is a long wooden bowl I found at the thrift store a while back, and it has been great for displaying all sorts of things all year long.  I have not done any Halloween stitching this year so it was nice to see I had quite a few things already.

I decorated my mantle:

The clock looks out of place but I need to keep it there or else we won't know what time it is!  This is the biggest collection of Halloween decor out in one place.  I have a few things elsewhere but I have really cut back on my decorations.  The kids are growing up so they aren't really into it anymore, and it isn't a heck of a lot of fun to pack too much stuff away after just a few weeks.

Well I think that's enough of a ramble for today.  Thank you so much for your kind comments and visiting me here in my little space.  I hope you are all having a wonderful Autumn:  ours has been very colourful and very busy, but at least the weather has been pretty great.

Take care my friends and I will see you next month!



Kathy H said...

All those little pillows look so cute.

Robin in Virginia said...

Jenn, congratulations on your Alphabet Stitcher finish along with the initial ornament! Both look great. I love your wall hanging using the CCN piece. Your bowl of Halloween stitching looks super as does your mantle.

Carol said...

Hi Jenn...

Always nice to catch up with you! And now I can see you on your very own Floss Tube videos--I just watched and you did a great job. You are so pretty and, of course, that lovely Canadian accent is wonderful to listen to. I am actually not a big watcher of Floss Tube, but will make a point to watch yours :)

Congratulations on your big finish! Stitcher's Alphabet looks wonderful--I think the M is my favorite block--just love that tiny mouse. You finish of the CCN Vintage Christmas is so pretty and I love your bowl of Halloween pillows. I still haven't pulled out my Halloween things and not sure if I'm up to it quite yet. When my dad died on Halloween two years ago it changed the holiday for me. But, I did at least stitch a couple of things this year so I'm slowly getting there... Baby steps, right?!

Enjoy what's left of October--can hardly believe Christmas will be here in just over two months!

mrs. smythe said...

I love the alphabet! That turned out beautifully, and I think I would really enjoy a project like that because it has so much variety. Hard to choose a favorite letter...I do love the quilt one, though, or "S" for sampler (maybe because I love quilts and samplers so much)! Please show a photo after you have it framed. Great idea on the portable stitching. I find I look forward to driving the kids to an activity sometimes just because I know I'll get to knit uninterrupted while I'm waiting for them. Nice job on the Christmas hanging. What a pretty fabric - and certainly a great match. Such a cute collection of stitchery for Halloween - and a great idea to display it in a bowl like that. You find the best stuff at thrift shops! You seem to have a real knack for it. And finally, thanks for the link to floss tube. So fun to see you talk about your projects. See you next month!

Justine said...

What a gorgeous post! I've your Halloween decorations, they are so tasteful.
Vintage Christmas is in my stash and I may pinch your finishing idea as I love it! That really is the perfect fabric.
Congratulations on your two finishes. The Stitchers' Alphabet is gorgeous. I have a travelling project too!

Becki said...

Jenn, your Brooke's Books Stitcher's Alphabet is absolutely beautiful. I love looking at the close-up pictures. And the cloth you framed the Vintage Christmas project is perfect. I'm in awe every time I come in here and see what you've been stitching. And how cool that you've created a flosstube video! You got the butterfly cross stitch kit at Walmart?!? I assumed you got it at some specialty shop - it's so pretty. I have to check out the craft section of my local Walmart better. I can't wait to see what you show us next!

Brigitte said...

Congratulations on finishing the alphabet. I love all the little letters in it, they are too cute. And you are right, the little cat all tied up into the yarn is really funny. Great job on the alphabet. I'm looking forward to seeing what mat frame combination you will find.
That Christmas wall hanging looks gorgeous with the fabric you found for it. Perfect colours!
I love your Halloween decoration a lot. Particularly that huge bowl with all the littler pillows is right after my taste. I love baskets and bowls full of little pillows :)
Love you initial finish!

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