Wednesday, May 11, 2016

April Happenings

Hello Again!

Isn't it funny how the longer you are away the less you feel you have to show and tell?!

Since my last update I made some good progress with my stitching using my new "Stitching Formula".  Basically I am dedicating one week of each month to four different project types.  One week is for Christmas ornaments; another for Stitcher's Alphabet; one for larger seasonal WIP's and the fourth for whatever strikes my fancy!
I was able to complete two blocks for the Stitcher's Alphabet: J - Japanese Embroidery;  and K - Knitting.

Here is where I am to date:

Sadly once these blocks were finished my whole schedule was thown out the window.  I traded my needle and floss for hammers and paintbrushes as we have been madly preparing for this:

I had forgotten how much work was involved in getting a home ready for sale!  Now that the house is on the market I can relax a little bit.  I can tell you I was very happy to chuck out my painting clothes after last month.

I did a quick little crochet project for Mother's Day which added a nice little bit of colour to my evenings.  I used some more of Mary Maxim 'Scrub It' yarn and bits of Bernat cotton to make some face scrubbers.  The pattern is Doni Spiegels Springtime Coasters on Ravelry.

Way back in October I agreed to make a small quilt for a friend, which had to be finished before the end of May.  I knew I wouldn't start until after Christmas, and despite it being a little complicated I knew that would give my lots of time.  Along came February, then March and I finally got started. Fabrics bought; tutorial found; fabrics cut and sewn together was all wrong and distorted!

I had to start all over.

Then we found out we were moving, and all those hours I was planning on working on the quilt went whoosh!  towards painting and decluttering and DIY work.  I think they should add making a Lonestar quilt on a deadline to the list of most stressful things in life, right along with moving, death and divorce.  At least it was for me anyway!

OK, enough of me being a drama queen!  I finished quilt the same day we put our house on the market, and it will be mailed out this week.  I am one happy girl I can tell you.

It's just about five feet square, and it was requested to have the same colours you would find on a blue jay.  When I'm not looking at it from six inches away I am a little impressed, but that's how it goes doesn't it?  I sure learned a lot:  mostly what not to do, but those tend to be the lessons that stick with you the longest!

There, now I'm all caught up with crafty business and I thank you so much for stopping by my little crafty space.  I will keep you posted on the house selling business.  Visualize a great crafting room for me in my new house please! LOL.

I just wanted to mention about blog comments.  Lately when I comment on most of the blogs I visit, my comment usually gets published but the email gets bounced back to me.  So, if you are thinking you have not heard from me in a while, or others for that matter,  I have been there, but you won't get notified by email.  I'm not sure why this is happening now, but there you have it.

Happy Days my friends!!


Robin in Virginia said...

Jenn, good to see your post! Love the quilt you made; the blues are awesome. Good for you on getting two of the stitching letters finished along with the face scrubbies. Best wishes to you with the upcoming move. Thinking of you!

Carol said...

Such a busy month you've had, Jenn! I can't imagine doing any crafting at all while preparing for a move... You must be very organized :) Best of luck in the house sale. Will you be moving far?

Your stitching rotation sounds very interesting and I like your latest blocks. But, what I really LOVE is that quilt--WOW!!! I can't imagine starting over like you had to, but the end result is worth your efforts...

I still read your comments, but don't get an email. They do appear on my blog though and I thank you :)

Enjoy your weekend!

Justine said...

Your quilt is amazing! I love the Stitcher's Alphabet too. Those little balls of wool are so cute! Sounds like you've got a rotation that's working for you.

Good luck with the house move. Have you found anywhere you want to move to yet?

mrs. smythe said...

Oh my gosh, that quilt is gorgeous! All those points! How did you stay sane? You did a beautiful job. I love the colors. Looking at it on my screen, it almost seems to pulse - there's a lot of "movement" in the colors, if that make sense.
Your stitching project is coming along nicely - and cute scrubbies. I'll have to bookmark those.
Keep us posted on the move! Hope all goes quickly and smoothly.

Becki said...

I wondered where you've been, Jenn. Such beautiful projects. I can't believe how much you've been able to hand-craft while getting a house ready to sell. You boggle and inspire. Everything is beautiful. And oh my - what a story about the quilt. I can't even imagine. I hope the house sells quickly and your move goes smoothly.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely love the quilt!!!!

Brigitte said...

I was missing your blog posts but with everything going on in your life right now it's no wonder that you couldn't find time for blogging. Preparing a house for selling is definitely a lot of work and I I am sure your are so glad that it's done now. I hope you will soon find a buyer for it. Do you already know where you will move to? I hope everything goes great for you. And I'll keep my fingers crossed for a big craft room in your new home.

Wow, Jenn, I'm totally impressed by your star quilt. This isn't the easiest pattern to do, at least not for me. I once tried it but after a while I realized that I made a sewing error (some of the diamonds turned out slightly smaller than others because I had used a different sewing machine), so I would have had to tear everything apart. I was so frustrated that I put everything in a bag and there it still is, lol. But your quilt came out so great. Wonderful work!

That rotation plan sounds really great. And you got a lot stitched on your alphabet. I hope that you can get back to your rotation very soon.

The House with the Blue Door said...

The quilt is stunning and your embroidered alphabet is looking great. It looks like you're in for a busy time - I wish you luck with your house-sale.
Cathy x

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