Friday, April 1, 2016

Lenten Makes

I feel like I should have an intro song to this post. Adele's, "Hello.  It's Me." would be fitting!
Wow, you really wouldn't believe the amount of time you have when you don't spend it trolling on the internet!  We allocated ourselves one hour each week over Lent, and let me tell you, you don't get a lot 'done' in that time.  I tried to keep up with some of you, but given the time restrictions I certainly could not create any blog posts.  You have all done some lovely things over the last six weeks and I really enjoyed just being able to ogle for a bit.
My creative times over that period were mostly spent cross stitching.  It reminded me that it truly is my most favourite hobby.  I was able to complete a few holiday themed things, though I found the rush between St. Patrick's Day and Easter a little too quick!

'Love' by New York Dreamer and a sweet little Irish mouse by Lucie Heaton ( Issue 239 The World of Cross Stitching).   The Valentine piece is stitched on black aida:  I haven't stitched on aida in ages and it was so stiff it was hard to work on.  I still think it's great to work on when you are just getting started cross stitching, but I really prefer to work on linen or monaco cloth now.

This is from the bottom half of an Easter sampler designed by Tiny Modernist.  The pattern is from the March 2016 issue of Cross Stitch Crazy magazine.  I just love the colours:  so perfect for Easter and Spring!  I sent the photo to the magazine and they are going to print it in one of their upcoming editorial pages.  That was pretty exciting!

These next designs were all freebies from some English cross stitch magazines.
 The bird cage is so pretty:  it's supposed to be a key chain but I would never use it for that for fear of losing it or wrecking it.  The front side was in the magazine; the back side I had to join facebook to get the chart.  I was really hesitant because I have already done the whole facebook thing and didn't like it, but I really wanted the chart!  I should really get myself out of the techy dark ages I think, but it takes so much time!  (Issue 201-April 2015 Cross Stitch Crazy magazine)

Gift tags from another magazine:  I love the paper tags they came with, but I did not enjoy stitching on the stiff aida cloth again.  They will be cute on gifts though.  (Issue 239 The World of Cross Stitching magazine)

A little mouse to make me smile:  the pattern was found in the March issue of Bustle and Sew magazine.
The blue bird is from last April's Cross Stitch Crazy magazine.

I stitched these Faberge inspired eggs a few years ago and used to display them in a multi apertured,  framed matte at Easter time.  I have not done that for the past few years so decided they needed a new way to be seen.   Now they can go in the basket with the rest of my stitching and I don't have to rearrange my wall photos!

I did work on some current WIP's:  Letter 'I' from Brooke's Books Stitchers Alphabet:

This is where I am so far:

I am trying out a new stitching rotation, so hopefully my works-in-progress will see a little more progress!

And finally, a bit of crochet in the form of pretty scrubbers for my pots:


...and a few Easter decorations with chalk paint,( this time inside the jar),

 ...and my new scroll saw:

Good for you if you made it this far!  I do have a few other things to show, but they are not finished- finished, so I will save that for another time.

Thank you so much for your kind words before I went MIA during Lent:  I really appreciate you taking the time to comment.  Being a newcomer to Instagram I know the convenience of the double tap to  'like' something, but a kind written word really does mean so much more.

Happy Days my friends:  I hope Spring has sprung where you are!



Becki said...

I love all your cross stitch items, Jenn. I recently picked up a cross stitch project that had been put aside for years. My eyes aren't what they used to be, and it was a bit of a challenge, but I want to try to cross stitch some more before I CAN'T. You make such pretty things. I love your blog. Glad you're back. ;^)

mrs. smythe said...

So nice to get an update on all your stitching! I am so impressed with your family's Lenten tech "fasting" - I'm tempted to try something similar with my family next year. Really inspiring. And you got so much done! Everything is really, really wonderful. And, congratulations on being featured in the upcoming magazine issue! I'm eyeing those crochet scrubbers, thinking they might be a nice thing to add to a Mother'd Day gift for my mom, who requested some knitted dish cloths this year. Love the colors you chose. Thanks for the pattern link!

Robin in Virginia said...

Hi Jenn! What a fabulous post to find this morning! Love all your stitched projects, but I especially love the Faberge like eggs that you turned into heart-shaped pillows. Lovely! What are you going to do with the bunnies you cut out? Enjoy your weekend!

Justine said...

What a beautiful post! I love everything you have stitched and are still stitching! Simply gorgeous. Congratulations on being featured in the upcoming magazine!

Cathy said...

So many pretty projects! I'm planning to stitch the St Patrick's Day Mouse for my granddaughter's quilt already. I have all the magazines you mentioned so I'll look for your letter.

Brigitte said...

Such a lot of great stitching here. The Valentine piece looks spectacular on the dark fabric. So sweet, the little St Patrick's Day mouse, and such a bright and colourful Easter piece.
The freebies that come with the British stitching magazines are absolutely lovely. Particularly the bird in front of the cage, and the back of the cage. Looks wonderful.
I can understand you concerning FB, I have never tried it because of the time it affords. And I'm not sure if I want to dedicate my time to FB. Not yet.
Very creative what you were doing with the eggs. And the Stitcher's Alphabet is perfectly up to date.
A great post, Jenn.

Jill at emeraldcottage said...

Hi I don't think I've commented on your blog before but I couldn't not comment this time when you have shown us so many lovely lovely things :) I especially like your faberge hearts, the mini tags and the chalk paint jars :) All gorgeous :)
Hope to read lots more soon!

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