Saturday, January 30, 2016

January Finishes

Hello again!  Happy End of January!

I wanted to check in before the month ended and show the rest of my January makes.  I'm so happy I made it in time!

This has been a good month for stitching:  light levels in the morning have been just right to indulge in some after- breakfast cross stitching.  I have to confess to quite a few pyjama clad mornings while I plied needle and thread.  But heck, it's January right?

One of my first finishes was this little design on the left by Lizzie Kate.

I realized I had no smalls for the month of January so this was a good way to start.  The 'Peace' design is from The Drawn Thread, and I actually stitched it before Christmas and forgot to show it.  It didn't really lend itself to being an ornament, so I finished it as a small to add to my new January collection.

Because it takes three to make a collection I stitched these little mittens to go along with the others.  They came out super small because the fabric is 40 count.  While I like how designs look on 40 count when finished, I have to confess I don't love stitching on it.  Too hard on the eyes!
I wanted to break out of my pillow finish 'comfort zone' so tried a little tag design instead.  I'm kind of on the fence about it, but I like it enough I will try again.  The design is an old one from Helga Mandl.

I also completed an ornament for the month.  Well, I'm probably cheating a bit because I didn't actually stitch it this month.  I stitched this Country Cottage Needleworks design at least five years ago and never got around to finishing it off.  I'm not sure whether I'm happier about having my first ornament for the year done, or the fact I finished off some stitching that has been sitting around since 2008!

Speaking of long term finishes, I brought 'Stitcher's Alphabet' back to the table and completed the 'H' block.  I realize that wanting to finish two letters per month is too ambitious if I want to work on other stitching as well.

All that finishing was contagious, so I completed another work in progress from last year.  I think I started this last Spring:

I broke away from the pillow finish again!  'Chut je brode' (Quiet I'm stitching) is mounted on cardboard and made into a wall hanging.  I tried a ruched ribbon trim for the first time to cover the seams: I think I'm on the fence about that as well...  Anyway, another one out of the 'In' box is always good!

Now, the last thing I promise!  I crocheted myself another Nordic Shawl, this time in wool.
 ( Last year I made this up in cotton, and if you want to see it go HERE.)

This pattern is by Annette of My Rose Valley, and I bought the pattern from her etsy shop.  It is a pure delight to stitch, and even a beginner could do it.  I just love it, and it's not often I will stitch something more than once.  I may even do it a third time...

I used a Norwegian wool called Smart that I found at my local yarn shop.  Because I didn't put myself at the mercy of the clearance bin I was able to hook up the shawl as written:  no having to skimp on border colours or edges.

It's like a nice, big hug when you wrap it around.

 And that, my friends, is what I will leave you with:  a nice warm hug to end January with and as thanks for visiting.

Happy Days!!


The House with the Blue Door said...

Your January makes are gorgeous, and beautifully done. The H for hare is my favourite, and I love the little stitched snowdrops in your banner too.
Cathy x

Justine said...

I love absolutely everything here once again! You really choose to stitch such pretty designs, and finish them so beautifully too. I'm in awe! And your shawl is just gorgeous. Great work!

Robin in Virginia said...

Wow Jenn, what a fabulous array of finished items. I like each and every one of them. I like your tag take for a bowl filler. I think your heart turned out great for a first time attempt along with the ruched ribbon. Go Jenn! Very pretty shawl! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Brigitte said...

Oh my, what an array of wonderful crafting! You are showing a lot of firsts here in the post - different ways of finishing and a rushed ribbons trim. And everything came out perfect and looks so beautiful. I love this little pink heart, it's so darling, and particularly the saying on it is very sweet :) I love your tag finishing a lot, I haven't seen it this way before. Very original, Jenn. The pillows are so pretty for display in January. And your first ornament for this year is done as well.

Wonderful, your new Nordic Shawl, this time crocheted with wool yarns. And again you used a beautiful colour combination, more muted colours than last time. A great finish.

Carol said...

I'm always amazed at how much accomplish each month, Jenn!! Here it is February already and I've only stitched (but not finished) one ornament and am almost done with a larger piece. I seem to be moving very slowly this year for some reason (mainly work!!).

Anyway, your finishes are adorable! I especially love the Peace one with the soft colors. The pink heart is done just in time for Valentine's Day--and I like the ruching :) Thanks for the translation as my one year of college French doesn't take me very far!!

Beautiful shawl--perfect to keep you toasty while you stitch...

Enjoy your weekend!

Angela said...

Lovely stitched finishes and that Nordic shawl is gorgeous!

mrs. smythe said...

Wow! Another round of great finishes. It was good to hear, too, that I'm not the only one who crafts in my pajamas in the morning. Some of my favorite times are sitting at the table with my husband, drinking coffee, me knitting, while he reads the news. It always feels a bit "naughty" to be knitting that early in the day, but I love it. :) Your shawl is gorgeous. I'm going to make note of that pattern. I love the multi-colored border. And, I really like the ruched ribbon trim on the heart. As always, your stitching is beautifully done, and how nice to have so many projects completed! I'm trying to put some of my yarn stash into projects right now, and your success at finishing what you start always inspires me. Can't wait to see what you manage in February!

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