Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Blankety Ta Da and a New Craft

I hope you are enjoying the same delicious weather we are!  Oh my it's been nice.  Libby dog and I have been to the woods every day to pick up sticks and greenery and all sorts of good things.
However, this is the biggest and best news of the week:  my blue granny square blanket is finished!

When I decided to use up all my left overs I wasn't totally convinced these colours would work together, but they really did!  I did have to purchase some additional yarn, but I am happy to say I used up most of it.  I was able to use up quite a bit in the border:

 (I did not block this so that's why everything is so wonky looking)

One of the reasons I am so pleased with it is the fact I finished it so quickly:  ten weeks!  I wish all of my blankets could grow so quickly.  It's quite heavy, so definitely great for snuggling under.  Once the cold weather settles in we will be all set.

Granny squares can be a little tedious when you have to make so many, so I did a bit of 'in between' crocheting to have a break.  These cheery new dish cloths and scrubbers were quick and much appreciated little diversions.

I mentioned about a new craft, and I also mentioned about getting things from the woods.  I have been foraging for downed branches that I can cut up and make into ornaments.  I bought myself a wood burning tool and today tried out something new:

I think I'm hooked!  I have learned a few things about wood burning on different kinds of wood, and now I am able to tell the fakes from the authentic ones on Pinterest.  This weekend I will cut out the rest of my wood and have lots more canvases to play on.

Thank you for visiting and your lovely emails.  I really appreciate the time you take to visit me.
Next time I hope to have some finished Christmas gifts to show and a bit of cross stitch too.

Happy Days!


Justine said...

Jenn all of your work is beautiful but the crochet blanket is amazing! It looks so warm and snuggly. I can't believe you have only just started the wood burning either.

Robin in Virginia said...

Love your blanket The yarn colors work well together. Your wood burning pieces look super.

Carol said...

Congratulations on finishing your beautiful blanket, Jenn--the colors are fabulous! I'm sure it will see lots of use during the upcoming winter. Our weather has been wonderful, too, but it turns very cold and more seasonal on Sunday...

Your woodburning looks great! Love the peace and noel ones so much... My oldest son was given a woodburning kit for Christmas years ago, but I fear my husband gave it away in one of his clean-out sprees!

Enjoy your weekend :)

mrs. smythe said...

What a beautiful blanket! I love the different shades of blue together. Congratulations on finishing. You always inspire me to get my projects finished. Thanks! Also - the wood burning is really impressive. I'm intrigued - is it difficult to learn? Great dishcloths, too!

dany said...

J'aime beaucoup !
Merci pour votre visite

Becki said...

Jenn, that blanket is beautiful. I can't tell that it's "wonky" at all. And what fun are those wood-burned ornaments. We acquired a wood burning tool some time ago and I think you've inspired me to learn how it works.

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