Tuesday, June 2, 2015

May Makes

Happy June!  Can you believe it?  May was so lovely I hated to see it end.  June is nice too, but I find it's a lot like December in that it just screeches by as we wind down the school year and get ready for summer vacation.

I have a few quick things to share that I completed in May.  First up are two letters from Brooke's Books Stitcher's Alphabet.  I stitched up the letters D and F.  D took some patience as there were many small patches of colour.  I just love the end result though: isn't her little face so sweet?

F was much quicker; it took about four hours and was super easy-going.

I am so far leaving any added embellishments off.  There are a few buttons to put on, and beads, but I'm not sure about the beads just yet.  I will decide at the end.

Here is what it looks like so far:

I also managed to complete another long suffering work in progress.  It has been years since I started these quilted hot pads.  Not quite sure what I was waiting for, but I am happy to have them out of the "Inbox"!

I am working on a few crochet projects:  one is a blanket with left over Lake Erie throw yarn.  We have been sucked into the black hole of watching "Game of Thrones" on DVD so I try to get at least one square per episode completed.  That makes me feel a bit better about watching for hours on end anyway!

Mr Crafty World and I got away for a few days to celebrate our twentieth wedding anniversary a few weeks ago.  We went to beautiful Niagara On The Lake and spent two days in a lovely little boutique hotel.  I would like to be able to show you lots of pictures of this charming place, but do you know I only took this one picture the whole time and didn't work on any of the crafts I took with me?!

This yellow magnolia was just stunning and now I use this picture as my screen saver to remind me of the lovely trip.

Thanks for visiting!   Enjoy June!



The House with the Blue Door said...

Your cross-stitching is so delicate and neat, and the designs are charming. Sometimes on a trip away it's nice not to feel the need to photograph everything and just enjoy it all. The magnolia is gorgeous - glad you had a good break :)
Cathy x

Helen Philipps said...

Such pretty cross stitch, and lovely quilted hot pads. The magnolia is gorgeous..........wishing you both a belated happy anniversary!
Have a great week.
Helen xox

mrs. smythe said...

The little girl's face in that letter is adorable. Good job finishing up the potholders - you inspire me. I have two projects languishing in my craft box right now and I just haven't had the motivation. It would be nice to have them finished, though, so maybe I'll dig them out again today. And I've never seen a yellow magnolia! So pretty.

Brigitte said...

Such lovely progress on the alphabet. And you are right, D is a real cutie. I also love the hot pot holders that you made. A great way to use up scraps.

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