Monday, February 9, 2015

Warm Welcome

It's still all about the wool here with my crafty ventures.  I guess it's not hard to fathom as this is what it looks like outside at the moment:

This weekend I again dug into my felted sweater stash to make a new wreath for the door.  My little heart shaped rag wreath does not do well outside, so it was time for new one.

Two sweater sleeves to cover the styrofoam base and selected pink and red sweater parts for the flowers.  I just pinned the flowers on so I can take them off later.  Quick, and easy-peasy.

More home comforts in the form of French madeleines.

I have had these pans for years and years: bought in France too. I have not made them before because the fact that the batter has to 'rest' for so long has always put me off.  Cathy from The House With The Blue Door made some a few weeks ago with this recipe, where the batter only has to rest for 20 minutes.  I tried it and loved it.  Perhaps Proust wouldn't be so proud, but everybody here gobbled them up. I will definitely be making these again.

Stay warm!


Farrah Lily said...

Wow, it looks like that here too! So much snow, lol. Those madeleines look delicious! Glad you found a recipe that works well for you. Stay warm, yourself! :)

Rustic Vintage Country said...

That's a lot of snow there! Those madeleine treats look delicious and I'm not surprised they were gobbled up! Sx

Brigitte said...

Your terrace is looking just like mine - snow all over, lol. But here it has started melting again and I'm more than glad about it.
A nice new wreath that you made. And the Madeleines look really delicious.

Carol said...

Your snowfall is lovely! Ours is at that gray, ugly melting stage...

Love the new wreath--what a great idea and good for you for finally using the pans you bought in France. The madeleines look just wonderful!

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