Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentine's Day

Despite the panic at the end of my last post about my Valentine stitching, I did get it all finished in time.  We don't get really extravagant on Valentine's Day:  some stitched cards and a few candies are quite enough to brighten up a cold, February day.

For My Favourite Boy I stitched these cute little smooching dogs.  He is so good with Libby and loves her so much I just had to stitch it for him.

I found this design through Pinterest, but unfortunately cannot find the point of origin to give credit to the designer.

My Favourite Girl loves cats so this was a natural choice for her:

There was some lettering in the design I would have loved to include, but I didn't have room. Perhaps another time!  This is a free design from this site:

For Mr. Crafty World I wanted to do an embroidery like one I had seen on Pinterest, but as I was trolling through my internet files I came across a sweet design I had saved ages ago:

This was designed my Melissa at Pink Paper Peppermints in 2011.  If you scroll down under 'Popular Posts' you will see a link for "Twelve Things Embroidery Patterns".  This is where you will find this tree, as well as 11 other really sweet embroidery patterns.

Because I made this for a Mr. I had to be a little conservative in my finishing.  No lace, ric-rack or crocheted anything could go on it.  Just a ribbon for hanging and a man's shirt remnant for the back.

(Well, I did go a little crafty on the back and added some heart shaped buttons to a faux placket. I can't completely shut it off you know?!)

It was a nice, quiet day to stay home with loved ones.  Mr. Crafty World made a lovely supper, so I was free to just putter around which he knows I love to do.

I hope you all had a lovely day as well, and thank you so much for visiting and your sweet comments. I still get so excited when I see them in my Inbox!



The House with the Blue Door said...

Hi Jenn! Your hand-stitched gifts are gorgeous. I'm sure that they will be treasured. We had a good Valentine's Day here, with flowers, cards and a relaxed meal out together :)
Cathy x

Brigitte said...

Oh Jenn, how sweet all your Valentines are. Such perfect little gifts for your loved ones. And I love the finishing you were doing on the little pillow for Mr CraftyWorld.

Jill at emeraldcottage said...

Hi Jenn, they're all fab :) I made cards for my girls, but husband to me it would be weird to give one to my son! I disagree but there you go.
Have a good week,

Carol said...

How special you made Valentine's Day for your family, Jenn! Really cute cards and a darling hanging pillow... Thanks for the links--I know I'll be stitching the black kitties :)

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