Friday, February 13, 2015

...And one more.

If I ever start talking about hoarding cashmere sweaters again, please stop me.  This stuff is almost a nightmare to sew with, despite all its beautiful, soft goodness.  I made another throw with my leftover sweaters:

With these colours, I could almost call it the Minecraft blanket couldn't I?

Other than this, not a lot of craftiness has been completed here this week.  I did get a bit of thrift store shopping done:

A Crown canning jar from 1948; Depression Glass tumbler; rose demi-tasse; some pretty lavender cotton yarn and an unused, made in England Pyrex casserole dish.  Oh, and the pink, green and white wool blanket in the background.  It was only six dollars but it sure made a mess of my washing machine!  It is paying its dues though:  it is so cold here right now that every wool blanket in the house is on someone or other's bed.

Now I must, must, must finish the stitching for my Valentine cards!

 Have a lovely heart day:)


Farrah Lily said...

Beautiful thrift store finds! I especially love the rose pyrex. It's FRIGID here as well-stay warm and enjoy your Valentine's Day! :)

Brigitte said...

Your new blanket is such a beauty, and I bet it keeps your feet warm. So sorry that you are having such cold weather. So nothing better than blankets.
Lovely thrift store finds. I particularly love the rose semi-tasse, very romantic.

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