Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Warm and Wooly

It has been unusually cold in our part of the country.  When I look at the big picture, I know we are probably in the top three of the warmest places in Canada, but it's still cold for us!  Beds have been piled high with all sorts of blankets, and Big Bertha has made an appearance.
Big Bertha is a very large crocheted bedspread I bought years ago at a church sale for $4. She is big and very heavy.

Since then she has made an appearance on the spare room bed a couple of times, but more so for decorative reasons.  I have threatened her multiple times that she will soon be back on the second hand train because she takes up valuable real estate.  Last year during the combination ice- storm/power outage/ furnace breakdown she was pressed into real action, and  we were grateful.  Likewise this past month we have been happy for the heavy and warm (and very pink) comfort of Big Bertha.  I think she can stay.

Since I try not to venture out too much, there is a goodly amount of time for tea drinking and crafty pursuits.  Most of my efforts have been in the wooly department:  again, something warm.
I finally amassed enough cashmere sweaters to make a blanket.  I don't have the budget to buy these lovely things new, but volunteering in a charity shop gives me the opportunity to pick up those unfortunate sweaters that have been put through the wash for a good price.

It was a bit of a nightmare to sew together, and I blame the extra stretchy cable knit sweaters.  At first I was disappointed in the lumps and bumps and the thin-ness of it:  it didn't look nice and I was pretty sure it wouldn't do to keep me warm at all.  However it is very warm, but not too warm like some wool blankets can be.  Because it isn't thick it doesn't take forever to move out of the way if I need to get up or move over to let the dog sit beside me.  Everyone loves it's softness, so it has been granted an arm rest to live on for the rest of the cold weather.

As much as I am loving the slow days of January, I know that February is coming, and with it Valentine's Day.  My rag wreath from a few years ago is looking a little limp, so I made a cheerful crocheted wreath like Lucy's from Attic 24. (January 12 post).

I used some lovely new cotton yarn    ( Louisa Harding) and a few others from my stash.  I sewed the buttons on with embroidery thread and glued everything to a coat hanger base.

I found some pretty crocheted anemones on Heather's blog and was absolutely smitten.  While I am in love with her pastel versions, I knew I wanted to make a bright version.  The first time I went to France I bought a little bouquet of anemones from the market, and had them displayed in a jar on the fireplace mantle.  These little flowers will always remind me of that, and it brought back such happy memories of France to stitch each one.  Thank-you, Heather, for such a good tutorial!

As always, thanks for visiting and stay warm!


Brigitte said...

Wow, this cashmere blanket is looking so good, and very cozy. I think it would be nearly impossible to sew the pieces together without lumps and bumps. The colours and textures you used are looking so great together. And what beautiful deco you made with the crocheted flowers.

Carol said...

Such pretty projects you have there, Jenn! I'll bet the cashmere blanket feels so wonderful to the touch :)

mrs. smythe said...

Great job on your projects! They look wonderful. And Big Bertha was quite the bargain! It looks to be in beautiful condition and looks lovely in that room.

Kate said...

Lovely projects. Thanks for the link to the anemones. :)

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