Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tutti Fruitti Swap; Stitch From Stash and August

I took part in the Tutti Fruitti Swap organized by Ingrid at the beginning of the summer.  I was so excited as I have not been in a craft swap for almost 20 years!  I had so much fun putting everything together, and now I can show you what I received and what I sent.

Veronique from France had my name and sent me this lovely bag and some other goodies.  Those little fruit jellies did not last the day!  She mailed this to me on July 27 and I received it on July 31. How's that for good postal service!  Thank you so much Veronique!  I love everything!

I didn't have such great luck with my parcel to Italy.  I mailed it two weeks before the deadline and I have to tell you last night I was fretting.  I did a quick check this morning of my recipient's blog, and it had arrived on the deadline day!  Whew!  I didn't want to be named and shamed as a bad swap partner on my first swap in a long time!  This is what I sent Sonia:

Inside the needlebook I put some fimo pins I made of strawberries and strawberry blossoms:

I had so much fun putting everything together in a theme and I would love, love, love to do another swap sometime.  Perhaps a domestic one though, because postage to Europe was rather heart stopping!

Stitch from Stash:  I did pretty well last month; I just bought the JCS Halloween issue and some cute buttons from the dollar store so I am under the allotted budget.  It helped that I could buy stash for the swap - truthfully it helped tame the beast to buy something for someone else and not have it count in my totals.
I didn't do too much stitching either.  I am making good progress on my teacup peony picture, which I of course forgot to photograph; and I have the usual cards I stitch every year for the kids birthdays.

I did a bit of sewing too.  I thought we could use a new doorstop and made this little camper one.

I wanted to do something fun with some of my Liberty fabrics and try out some free motion embroidery as well.  I'm pretty happy with it, though it could be just a tad heavier on the bottom.

Miss Libby has not had a great August.  She suffers terrible allergies this month every year, and this year she had to wear the dreaded E Collar for a few days to let her skin heal up.

I don't know which she dislikes more:  the collar or the diaper shirt we have put on her in previous years.

Realizing we did not have much time left for summer we got a dog sitter and headed out for a quick, two day vacation.  We drove through some beautiful, rural countryside to get to one of our favourite destinations:  Port Burwell on Lake Erie.  We had a beautiful day there and got our fill of sun and sand for the next twelve months.

Today is the kids first day back at school.  They were very excited to go and see their friends again, but I think we all wished summer could have been just a little bit longer....and warmer!

Thanks for visiting:)

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