Wednesday, October 22, 2014


The weather here has been cold, rainy, damp and grey, grey, grey. Not much fun for walking in the woods or raking leaves, but perfect for feathering my nest.  Probably my most favourite thing to do in the world!

I've been baking:

Mini cupcakes for our church coffee hour:  a great excuse to use up those fall sprinkles and pumpkin doilies I found while cleaning!

Black Bottom cupcakes from my Grammie's recipe box.  Apparently this recipe came from my Mum, but I don't ever remember having these growing up.

A bit of sewing to warm things up a bit.  These have been a big hit with the family:

I used sweaters from the charity shop.  I want to make one more and have the perfect sweater to use, but the only problem is that it's my flumpy sweater.  You know, the one that's one or two sizes two big for you that you grab when you're sick; or it's raining outside; or to go over your pyjamas on the weekends.  At this point it still looks decent enough to wear in front of non-family members, so really I shouldn't cut it up just yet.

Decorating for Halloween:

The mantle is where the bulk of my decorations are.  There are a few spots around the house with some other things, but it makes it easier to pack it all up later on when I have less things out.  Of course there are pumpkins on the front porch too:)

And lastly I have been stitching and finishing:

Pumpkin and Pins from my last post turned into a pinkeep with one of my Fimo pumpkin pins at the top.
The oak leaves design was a freebie, but I cannot find who the designer was.  I finished it as a biscournou last night and backed it with a mustard coloured fabric.  Love the look of the biscournou: do not like making biscournous!  I can never get them lined up just right so I think next time I will try the mattress pincushion finish.

The chilly weather also delivered me a nasty cold.  Yesterday I planned to do absolutely nothing and just rest.  What a tonic that was!  I watched a chick flick and Midsomer Murders on Netflix, and sorted through all my cross stitch magazines.  At the end of the day I felt so much better, and have my magazine collection culled by half.

Today the sun is shining and it's so nice to see it after all that grey.  Despite being productive during the dark days, it's nice to admire my things in the sunlight:)

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Frances N said...

I love your Halloween decorating! So very cute! And the sweater pillows are really clever!! Perfect for the cold weather that's coming soon! I really like those!
And I won't even mention all that luscious baking!!!! I'm gaining weight just looking at the pictures! I'm positive those were a big hit with everyone!
I like your stitching and finishing, too. I haven't attempted a biscornu yet, but I'm seeing so many everywhere that I feel I must try one in the future! They do look like a pain to make, but I love the outcome!

Farrah Lily said...

Lovely cozy Autumn photos! I wish I could reach into the blog and try some of your baked goodies :) I have one of those big frumpy sweaters as well so I know exactly what you mean! Have a great rest of your week!

véro said...

c'est super cette déco j'adore et bravo pour tes gâteaux bisouuuu

mrs. smythe said...

What wonderful, cozy projects! Those are gorgeous pillows. I would never have guessed they came from charity store sweaters!
Also - I love your grandmother's recipe box - my grandmother had one just like it.
And, I'd never heard of a biscournous before reading about them on your blog. Thanks for enlightening me.

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