Sunday, July 27, 2014

July Stitch from Stash Update

Casting a Spell is finished!!  I am so glad.

 I didn't really enjoy stitching this one to be honest.  It had nothing to do with the motifs, they were nice and simple and could easily be done in two or three episodes of whatever we were binge watching at the time.  It's the colours.  They are more rusty-gold and brown as opposed to orange and black.  It didn't make me feel all festive for Halloween.  A couple of times I thought I would just stop and make small pillows out of the motifs I had already stitched and use the box for something else.  Then I remembered how long it took me to find the box after I  bought the pattern and was so excited to make it.  I have put it away now, and am hoping that come October when I pull it out I will be excited again.

I have been stitching a few other things as well, but they are for the Tutti Fruity swap I am participating in so I can't show them just yet.

So, for my tallies:  I finished one WIP; started and finished three small pieces in July.  I did go over my $25 budget for July due to some long awaited cross border shopping, but it was worth it!  In total I spent $55 on things like floss, linen, buttons, charms and finishing fabrics.  No charts though, which I consider a good thing!  I believe I have around $80 in carry-over from previous months so I'm doing well.

In other crafty news I finished a crochet pot holder.

This may show up better:

I used a cotton yarn as opposed to a thread so it's thicker than what an original version would have been.  I used about three different patterns, two of them vintage ones.  I am getting more tempted to try some of these out using a cotton thread; I just worry about the frustration/eye strain factor!

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Brigitte said...

Well done on your SFS challenge. Linen, threads and embellsihment items are things that we always need from time to time. We usually have enough patterns but seeing the new ones is always the biggest temptation, isn't it? Lol.

Congratulations on finishing that lovely box. I'm sure when you put it on display on Halloween you will love it.

mrs. smythe said...

Great work! You did a beautiful job, andI really like the box.

véro said...

très jolie déco de Halloween pour ce casier bizzz

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