Thursday, April 17, 2014

Getting Ready for Easter

Decorations have finally been put up:

These were the first Easter decorations I ever made for my own abode and they are still my favourite.

Eggs have been coloured:

So nice to open the carton everyday and be greeted by all the colours!

Sugar Bunnies have been made for tea:

Hot Cross Buns were made:

This was my second time making these and they turned out really well.  I just have to remember next time that if I want them as an after-school snack, 2 pm is much too late of a start!

I also finished a scarf that has been in the works since last Spring:

I should have blocked it but I was too impatient.  (Really?  After taking a whole year I was too impatient to wait another 24 hours?  Such is the landscape of my mind, my friends.)
I will call it my Easter scarf and perhaps wear it to church tomorrow or on Sunday.  Really it's called the 'Violet Points' scarf by Annette Petavy.  I found it on Ravelry and it is a free pattern available here.

What got me was the French name:  'Echarpe Pointes Violettes'.  I had just purchased the yarn - a lovely mohair-linen blend in a beautiful, smoky violet - and we were about to head off for France for three weeks. I thought it would make a lovely vacation project.  I think I completed half of it in France and then it got put away in the cupboard until two weeks ago.  I know this happens to just about every other crafter out there so I don't need to explain further.  Perhaps I should call it the 'Echarpe Pointes Violettes de Paques' (Violet Points Easter) scarf.

Here is a better picture of the colour:

It's a really lovely smoky gray-violet.  It will work well both in the Spring and Fall.  I made it longer than the pattern called for because I wanted to use up as much yarn as possible.  I bought two skeins and used one per side with minimal left overs.  The yarn is KidLin by Louet.  It is a lace weight and I believe it has been discontinued.

So I feel ready for Easter this year.  Yesterday I put together the Easter baskets and am happy with what's inside.  I will make a dessert on Sunday to have after Mr. Crafty World's fabulous dinner.
I am glad I feel so prepared:  this morning while doing the completely normal movement of sitting up in bed to see what time it was I pulled many muscles in my back and therefore am not good for much today.  I can sit to practice the piano, but I cannot lay down or I have a hard time getting up again.  I can bend down, but I cannot twist around. I have done my piano practice; updated my blog; made some lavender Earl Grey tea and now I think I will see how long I can sit and crochet while catching up on 'Mad Men'.  Don't feel too sorry for me:)

Happy Easter!

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