Sunday, March 2, 2014


My Favourite Girl is away on a Girl Guide camping trip this weekend.  I'm sure she's having the best time ever in the snow, and sleeping on the bunk beds in the lodge.  I hope she's warm enough.

It feels like we operate on a lower wattage when she's away.  Everyone has commented on it - just how different it feels around here without her.  It's amazing how much energy just one person can bring/take away to a home.

We've had a quiet weekend here.  Mr Crafty World has to work all weekend, so it's just been My Favourite Boy and I for the most part.  Yesterday we went to the craft store together to look at building models.  It was decided that they are not something he wants to do, so we headed off the Chapters to buy a Lego set.  I was all set to buy a Mollie Makes magazine but I changed my mind.  There was a quilt pattern in there I really liked, but truthfully it wasn't worth paying twelve dollars for.

I took MFB and a friend to the pool and watched them/read old magazines/cross stitched for two hours. We went to the grocery store afterwards and bought a ton of candy!

I started a new crochet project with my new wool.  I love the colours, I just wish I had one or two more for variety.

 This morning I am saving all my pictures from the last 7 years onto an external hard drive.  I get spooked when I hear of people saying they always meant to back up their files before a computer crash but didn't.  It has been a lot of fun going through the photos and seeing how much our kids have changed. Their sweet little faces from the past are such a treat to see:  you really do forget what they looked like.  Sometimes I think Heaven must be where we get to go back and hold our babies again.

Speaking of babies, I finished my scrappy baby quilt on Friday.  This was the quilt I practised using my walking foot on, so it really isn't so great.  It looks a heck of a lot better after I washed it though, so perhaps it won't be defined as dog bedding after all!

I learned that I cannot make a perfect square with fabric.  A postage stamp quilt or any other quilt where I have to be meticulous in lining up my edges is not something I will ever master, or even want to try mastering.  Maybe I should try hand piecing a quilt some time and then my wonky seams will make sense.

I used one of my favourite vintage sheets for the backing on this.  I hope I have enough to make myself some pillow cases.  I did a scrappy binding (stitched on by hand!) which I like here, but I'm not so sure I would like to use it on a big quilt.  I found the differences in fabric weaves to be a bit hard to work with.

Soon I'll be off to pick up My Favourite Girl.  It's a good hour and a half drive each way so I need to make sure I have good music in the car!  I have a busy week coming up so I don't think I will get much crafty stuff done.  But hey - it's March already and there are only four more days of school left before pyjama March break starts!

Have a wonderful day!


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mrs. smythe said...

Sounds like a wonderful few days - and, again, I love the fabric you use in your quilts! Hope your daughter had a great time on her camp-out and that she stayed warm.

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