Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Stitch From Stash Update

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February turned out to be a really busy month for me, but the downside was less stitching than I would have liked.  I am grateful I finished my ripple blanket, so perhaps with that off my my plate March will be a little more productive!

I already showed you my 'Bakery' and 'Be Mine' finishes:  the only other cross stitching I have done is to start a series of three smalls which I have not finished yet.  They are from a pretty French book I got in France last Spring, so I am excited to have them finished soon and up in my sewing space.  Here's a tiny sneek-peak of the first one:

I did not spend any money on cross stitching this month - not even for the Nashville Needlework Show exemption which I am really proud about!

As for crochet, it seems I suffered a bit after the completion of the Lake Erie Ripple.  I started at least two projects and then had to rip them out.  I wanted to get through some of my stash yarn before getting new yarn, but last weekend I broke down and went to the yarn shop.  I bought myself some bright wool for a little furniture re-hab project, and some delicious spring cottons for a little kitchen kitsch.  The store owner talked My Favourite Girl into knitting socks, so two balls of sock wool came home with us too.  Hopefully these new yarns will break the start-frog-put away cycle that seems to be going on here.

I pulled out a long suffering sewing UFO and have gotten to work on it as well.  Because I have to complete most of it on the dining room table I am hoping the pressure to get it off the table will kick me in the rear to finish it.  It has sat for so long that I am not so crazy about it anymore.  Sad how that happens.

So that's my crafty February.  Let's hope March fares better!

Thanks for visiting and your sweet comments.  I love reading every one!


Brigitte said...

And another month without spending money on stash. Congratulations.
This little French sneek peak looks very interesting. Looking forward to seeing the three little designs you are stitching on.
I love that quilt with the pastel flower blocks.

Chrissie said...

I just got a little French cross stitch book - it is utterly stunning, what is it about French stitching? I look forward to seeing yours...and I so relate to your WIP pile and fluctuating feelings towards them! I really have so many things to try and to finish, in equal measure! If it helps, I think that quilt is lovely, and I would like to see it finished! ;-) Chrissie x

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