Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year!

I think the time between Christmas and just after New Year's Day is my favourite of the season.  Now I love, love, love Christmas, but there is something so lovely about the slow period after the big hustle and bustle is over.  We hang out in our pj's a lot; take advantage of post holiday sales, and generally just take it easy.  I even learned to make those picture mosaics, so I can join the fun of the year end blog review too!  You will have to bear with me as I include the Ice Storm one:

It was so pretty afterwards I took tons of photos.  It was awfully dangerous to be walking around though!

I created a Crafty Makes mosaic:

And of course a crochet one:

I didn't create one for cross stitch because of the few projects I had, the photos weren't that terrific.  One of my New Year's resolutions is to stitch more!

I was having so much fun I made a pretty skies mosaic:

And one for flowers too!

You're probably grateful I ran out of time, but I do have plans for a France mosaic and possibly one for all the great chateaux we saw there.

I have also been having fun setting crafty goals for the year.  More than likely I won't succeed in meeting them all, but it's so much fun to think I can right?
I am very excited to have joined the 'Stitch from Stash' group.  The object is to stitch from the charts we already have, using the threads and fabrics we already have.  You can spend up to $25 per month, but my goal is to keep the costs as low as I can.  I do confess to having bought some charts late on New Year's Eve before the challenge started though!  Funny how a spending deadline makes you question whether your stash is big enough, when the day before you realized you would never stitch all your charts in one year!

I would like to extend the challenge to include the lovely free charts I have downloaded from all sorts of talented designers.  I keep finding them and stashing them, but not stitching them!  Let's hope this year I can make a dent in those computer files.

Last night I started on two cross stitch projects from my stash, and am sad to report that one of them already has to be frogged.  Ugh!  Better luck tonight I'm hoping.
I also started a new crochet project with some yarn Mr. Crafty World got me for Christmas.  It's a little slow going, but it's going to be pretty I think.

Well that's it for today.  It is so cold outside so it's a perfect day for stitching.  I don't even mind if the dog sits on my lap because she keeps me warm!

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mrs. smythe said...

What beautiful photos! I enjoyed seeng some of what I've missed having only recent come across your blog. Makes me want to get stitching myself...and, I'm trying to use my stash up this year, too, but yarns rather than cross stitch supplies. I have enough to last all year, I'm sure. Thanks for the pretty post.

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