Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Last Bits

I so wanted to stitch up a bunch of ornaments this year - thinking way back in January that I could easily do one per month.  Sheer folly for me to think that, I know.  I only got one ornament made this year and this is it:  my Nordic reindeer.

This was more of a fly by the seat of my pants kind of project.  I borrowed some Scandinavian knitting design books from the library and stitched the motifs I liked.  I had plans for a few more, but you know...

Last week I finished up a couple of other projects.  I wanted to make My Favourite Girl a dream catcher using one of the doilies her great-Grammie had made many years ago.  I did a lot of hunting on Pinterest and Google images to figure out how to put it together.  I'm sorry the pictures are so terrible, but these things were impossible to photograph with any degree of success!

The feathers are made from felt and fabric that has been fused together.  I used some of my extremely coveted Liberty fabric pieces for some of the feathers, but I have to tell you it was really hard to cut into it!  Seriously, my hoarding instincts need to be overcome!

I hope she likes it: at 11 she does appreciate the work that goes into hand made things, and it does give those doilies another life outside the linen closet.  I didn't cut them or anything so they are still perfectly intact.  She will like knowing she has something of her great grandmother's, who sadly passed away in the spring time.

I've still got things in the works for Christmas:  today I'm giving a carved wooden dragon a "do-over" and I have some stockings to finish.  This is the kids last day of school before the break so therefore my last day of uninterrupted quiet.

I wish you all a very happy holiday and a creative and healthy New Year!!  Thanks so much for visiting and your sweet comments!



Brigitte said...

Jenn, your ornament looks so lovely. And who cares that it's the only one you stitched this year. I know that - I started such a one-ornament-per-month plan several times but never got more than one ornament stitched. Per year, lol.
These dreamcatchers are absolutely beautiful. Very creative use of the doilies.

Gillian said...

I love your dream catchers. I use my Liberty fabrics so sparingly that they seem to last for ever! The reindeer decoration is very beautiful, you did a great job with that. x

Solstitches said...

Hi Jenn,
What a lovely idea to make a dream catcher from a vintage doily. I don't think I've ever seen that done before. So pretty and a wonderful keepsake.
Your Nordic reindeer ornament is beautifully stitched and finished.
Happy Christmas and best wishes for 2014.

stitchersanon said...

I think we all have issues with hoarding lol..I love the dream catchers...very pretty. I cant see a tool on your bar to let me follow your blog: this would put it up on my reading list automatically: If I have missed it, many apologies. Happy New Year!

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