Wednesday, December 11, 2013


This year I finished my gift shopping early.  I wrapped everything too; made sure each child has the e*x*a*c*t same number of gifts and put them away where I will find them.  I can't tell you how liberating this has been.  Truly like a gift to myself.  Since then I have been able to do fun stuff - purely indulgent stuff that has no deadline and is just for me.  Things like: crocheting lacy things for my neck and a completely frivolous candle sleeve.

I made myself an earring holder from a thrifted frame and wall paper, plus a little chicken wire and stash trim.

I helped My Favourite Girl make a pillow for her Girl Guide gift exchange in a completely non-stressful way:  ie. not between me putting something in oven for dinner and setting the table, all the while watching the clock and kicking myself for not picking up something at the dollar store.  It was a hit, I hear.

The feather pattern is from magazine called  (I think) Make It .  She did all the hand stitching herself and even the machine sewing.  I must really be relaxed if I let her use my sewing machine!

I have a few gifts to make, but there is no pressure:  I am thoroughly enjoying the process and putting lots of good wishes into every stitch.  I should be done by the end of this week.

Now I'm drinking eggnog flavoured coffee ( one of the lovely hostess I received from our Christmas party last weekend); listening to my Dixieland Christmas CD and contemplating doing a little bit of card making.  Oh, life is good when your holiday shopping is done!

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Jooles Hill said...

Goodness ..... that's so impressive! I always have high hopes that one year I will be organised enough to do the same but it hasn't happened yet, maybe next year!
All your makes are so pretty and your daughters cushion is adorable, such a clever girl.
happy crafting!
love jooles xxx

Helen Philipps said...

How wonderful to be well organised, such a lovely feeling! I wish I had done this too! I love your pretty crochet, and your little girl's pillow is lovely, how clever to stitch it by herself, she has done really well.
Helen x

Gillian said...

I can totally understand why you feel so relaxed - well done for being so organised. I have done all my shopping, but there is still making and wrapping to be done, but that's ok, it'll get done.

Your crocheted cowls and jar cosy are so pretty and your idea for the earring holder is inspired! Very clever, I like it. x

Brigitte said...

That is something I have never managed to do - having all the gifts for Christmas bought, made and wrapped early before Christmas. Good to know that it IS possible, lol.
Good for you that you can relax now. Enjoy your time until Christmas.

mrs. smythe said...

You are so wise! Next year, I hope to follow your example. I was still crocheting things (a hostess gift) on Christmas morning, with one eye on the clock. Definitely not the way to go. Loved the lacy things for your neck and the candle sleeve!

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