Sunday, December 15, 2013

Craft Party

We hosted a 'Holiday Crafternoon' here yesterday for some of My Favourite Girls' school mates.  I had done something like this before, way back when the kids were five and seven, but I was interested (and a little anxious, truth be told) to see how it would go over with 11 year old girls.

I spent a lot of time looking up fun crafts to make: something they would feel excited to make and proud to take home.  We had three tables of crafts, plus a good portion of the kitchen counter.  In the end it ended up being too much: not because they didn't have time to finish, but they were just crafted out.

The girls were all very enthusiastic about the crafts, but I think the cookie houses were the biggest hit.

The crafts available to make were cookie houses to decorate; hot chocolate cones; candy sleighs; chocolate covered spoons; bath salts; and a variety of ornaments.

I had a table of paper crafts to make as well, but the girls decided they wanted to watch a holiday movie instead.

I have to admit this was A LOT of work to put together.  It would have been a considerable expense too if I did not already have most of the supplies.

Mr Crafty World and My Favourite Boy were sent away from the house during the party, happily I believe.  After dinner My Favourite Boy decorated a cookie house with the left over candy and it was a joy to watch him happily piping on icing and deciding where things should go.  
Suddenly things felt so festive and fun again.  He then said he wanted to make all the crafts the girls did while he was out, so the kids and I sat around the table and crafted away the night.  It was wonderful, and it made me happier than I had been all day.  It was decided that next year it would be much more fun to have another crafting party, but just us.  I couldn't imagine anything better than doing my favourite thing, with my favourite people, at my favourite time of year.


Jooles Hill said...

WoW!!! that would be my dream party!!
It all looks amazing, you are so kind, such a lot of work.

Wishing you and yours a magical Christmas~time
love jooles xxx

Brigitte said...

Wow, Jenn, you kept the girls busy, lol. And I'm sure that they liked the crafts that you offered and were proud of creating something Christmassy.

mrs. smythe said...

Wow! Looks so fun. My daughters would love going to something like this. What a great memory your daughter will have of this day. You're a super mom to go to so much work for her.

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