Monday, August 26, 2013

Operation Organization: Linen Closet

I can really be my own worst enemy when organizing.  If I decide to organize the linen closet, I will think, "Oh!  Wouldn't a pretty new shelf liner be lovely?"  Followed by;  "It really would be nice to have matching baskets to hold my stuff."  I love Pretty.  I really, really, do.  However Pretty doesn't get things done; not in this house.  So I organized the linen closet, and Pretty will just have to wait.  Of course, now I feel pretty awesome every time I open the door.

This is half of what I took out:

I have accumulated a lot of curtains in this house.  I don't have many other linens in here because I keep them in the bedrooms and bathrooms where they are used.  This is almost a junk closet.

This is the other half:

This is where I am now:

All of my batteries are current; meaning I checked all the expiration dates (did you know they put expiration dates of batteries?)  Expired batteries and toxic cleaners are in the pile for hazardous waste recycling.

I got rid of the extra red towels that always bleed in the wash.  I got rid of the double size sheets that don't fit any bed in this house.  I have half a shelf that is empty!!!
I put an empty orchard basket on the bottom: this is where the things that need to go to Salvation Army will be kept and not on top of my clothes dryer or on the trunk at the end of my bed.

My vintage apron which I use to clean in is now hanging up for easy access along with the ceiling fan duster.  Yes, the apron is  a bit much, but really it does make me feel more efficient.  When I take it off I know I'm done.  Homemade cleaning supplies have been made/topped up.  Did I mention I have half an empty shelf?

Pretty is taking on a whole new definition for me today:)

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