Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Moon Phases

I am really trying to figure out when my most productive times of the month are.  I got a necklace for my birthday, and the card enclosed said that since I was born during a last quarter moon, my best days are the ones just before and after the new moon.  Could be a little New Age, but I was careful to watch during those times to see if I really was more productive.  I shouldn't say more productive, because I think I am almost always busy, but it's more of finding out which times are the best to start projects and having a greater success rate of finishing them in a timely fashion.  I can tell you that right now is not one of those times!  I have quite a few little projects sitting around that I started off with great enthusiasm, but are now just sitting there, waiting to be finished and quickly losing their appeal.

I'm trying not be too much of a slug during this time, so I have been doing a lot of nesting.  I have been cleaning closets, washing windows, doing some baking; the sort of things that I can look at at the end of the day and feel good about.  Like most people I don't like waiting, especially waiting for my 'successful' creative times to come back, but I am trying to look at these times in a different way.  I read somewhere that when we are waiting, it's like tending the home fires for others to come to.  You're not doing nothing, you're just not doing everything for yourself at the moment.  Waiting, or tending, is important, whether you feel it is or not.  I kind of like thinking it of that way - perhaps because it speaks deeply to my domestic side.

In between my purging-organizing-hearth tending moments I did a quickie make-over to My Favourite Boy's room.  Last summer I painted his walls but never did find a coordinating bedspread.  I lucked out at the thrift store a few weeks ago and found four curtain panels that had the colours I was going for.

  I shortened two of the panels for shorter curtains and stitched the other two together for the bed.  I was originally going to make a duvet-type cover for his existing quilt, but in the end I just stitched the fabric to the top of it. I just need to make a pillow case with what's left, but that will have to wait - you know, for the new moon phase:)
      I was sad to take his old nautical room decorations to the thrift store to donate, but I have to keep telling myself don't cry because it's over; smile because it happened.  He's growing up, and I am grateful for what I had and what is yet to come.

I also took a knitting class:

I'm not sure if I will continue with this or not. I'm finding it so fiddly and time consuming. I'm sure I must have felt the same way about learning crochet, but there was a deep drive to succeed there that I don't feel here. I think I could get by with just knowing knit and purl, and only make things that have 90 degree angles like scarves and square pillows. I just don't know. I probably should have taken the class closer to a new moon!

I have had an insane amount of luck finding vintage treasures.  You have seen a few already, but the best find by far was this:

 Can you believe I got this for $20 at a garage sale?  It's not working, but I don't really care.  Perhaps later I will look into getting it going again since my initial "investment" was so small.  For now I'm just content to look at it.  I really don't have any room to spare for this and right now it's sitting in the kitchen until I decide where it will live (and what will have to go to make room for it).  This location is growing on me though: when it's open and I see it as I am doing stuff in the kitchen it always brings a smile to my face.

 Based on the Egyptian style motifs I believe it was made in the 1920's.

So far the most use it has gotten - other than just looking pretty - has been as a torture device for Lego people.  My Favourite Boy has had a grand old time taping them to the wheel and pumping the treadle as fast as it will go.

  Not the most exciting update in the world, but that's what's going on in my space.  
Only six and a half more days of school until summer holidays.  I'm looking forward to it because lunch making has become the biggest drag in the world at this point.  I don't even care if the kids have homework or not; I just want them to hang up their stuff at the end of the day and play outside.  Bring on summer - and the new moon:)

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