Saturday, June 22, 2013

Friday Things That Made Me Happy

Being able to peg clothes out to dry.

Installing new shelves in the closet of doom.  Now that the kids are tall enough to reach a regular height bar, I was able to get rid of the hodge-podge closet organizers and put the bar back where it should go. Now I have extra room up top for storage and can take some pressure off of a bursting closet in the basement.

My new cookbook.

Getting our latest (and largest!) souvenir from France hung up on a rod.  Though I took this picture at an angle, it really is straight and level.  I'm usually not so great in that department, so it was a good day.

Watching 'Madmen' and working on my much neglected ripple blanket.

Finding out some family members are dry and safe in flood-stricken southern Alberta.  My heart just aches for those who are not so lucky.

Have a great weekend:)

1 comment:

Helen Philipps said...

Lovely new baking book....and crocheting a ripple blanket while watching Madmen is just the kind of thing I like to do too! So glad your relatives in Alberta are safe.
Wishing you a happy week.
Helen x

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