Monday, June 3, 2013

A Good Kind of Day

 I was up early this morning so made myself a cup of tea and finished a little project that's been hanging around for a while.  This is inspired by a similar one at Heartmade: she makes really beautiful stuff.  I thought this might look nice hanging from the door handle of my French bathroom.

I gave my deck pots their annual spray of colour.  This year I chose bright blue with a mixture of flowers.  The deck is looking good - if only it would warm up/stop raining we could spend more than ten minutes out there.

I baked some lemon-cranberry scones.

I admired my garden and decided to cut the grass to make it all look good.  The peach iris are truly gorgeous.  The next batch set to bloom are light purple I think, and they should be out any day now.

I gave this thrift store clock a make-over.  I found it last week on a stellar thrifting trip.  How could I pass it up for $5.99?  Unfortunately whoever had it last was a smoker, so it was pretty stinky.  I removed the cross stitch (after a heart stopping moment when I realized I would have to break the frame apart to get it out) and soaked it in OxyClean for a few hours.  I scrubbed everything else that wasn't fabric and used up my last bit of baby blue spray paint for the frame.  I am totally in love with it and it looks perfect in my craft space.

I had no intention of being so productive today and yet I was.  I even managed to get four loads of laundry done and make a roast chicken for dinner!  
Maybe that's the key: have no expectations and just let the day unfold.  Oh to have days like this everyday.  Bliss.  Domestic Bliss.

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