Monday, April 1, 2013

They're Mulitplying!

Just before Easter I got the bug to start making bunnies.  Last year I cut out the pieces to make a bunny from the book Crafting Springtime Gifts by Tone Finnanger, but never finished it off.  It was a pleasure to have the pieces all cut out already, so my newest hare was finished in a leisurely crafting day this weekend.  I even crocheted a little shawl for her, because this has been a really cold spring so far!  She has pink and white toile inside her ears, so I am going to call her Fleur.

I just loved the spring time bunny wreath in Helen's Bustle and Sew magazine.  I finally got it completed today after searching high and low for a wooden embroidery hoop.  It's nice and light and will brighten my front door for the next little while.

And finally, a little bunny brooch to put on my jacket next Easter.  Hopefully it will grace my spring jacket and not my winter one like this year!

We had a lovely Easter weekend with a great egg hunt and lots of lovely treats.  Today it is snowing again and we will have left over lamb in some lamb and barley soup and try to choose just one of the four left over desserts:)

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