Friday, March 15, 2013

March Break

We are having a slow and lovely March break from school this week.  There have been sleep-overs, and swimming at the public pool, and crafts and lots of Playmobil and Lego creations being made.
Yesterday was the ultimate though:  it was cold and sunny so pyjamas were worn well until after lunch.  No one was planning on going outside if they didn't have to. The kids and I snuggled in my bed in the morning looking over the latest Playmobil catalogue and telling our favourites. I spontaneously decided to make a cake, much to everyone's delight.  Spontaneous baking really is the best.  Chocolate marble bundt cake - yum!

My Favourite Girl has been wanting some time just with me; for us to create or do something without little brother wanting to as well.  I suggested some easy soap making and bath fizzers and that fit the bill for her quite nicely.  

My Favourite Boy wanted to make some too, so I said he and I would make it after his big sister was finished hers.  No one had any problem with that so we set about making dinosaur soap too.

Later on I sat at the kitchen table in the sun and hooked away with some bright colours of yarn.  It was one of those moments when your heart gets all full-feeling: seeing the kids happy creations and hearing their little happy noises around the house; the smell of something good and homemade in the air and the bright sun making everyone feel so positive and hopeful for spring.

Today is a different sort of day.  There are errands to be run, and school projects to think about.  There has already been some friction between two people and the sun is not shining.  Workdays are again looming up and Things Need To Be Done.  I am always so grateful for days like yesterday; those ones that feel like they are encapsulated in a magic bubble of domestic and family happiness.  Those are the days to keep in our hearts until the next one comes along.

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