Thursday, February 21, 2013


Last night I stayed up late (10pm!!) to finish some things.  As I have said many times before, I am trying to work on this enormous fabric stash of mine and get it down before I buy anything else.  The problem is I am bored, bored, bored with most of it.  Some of it I have had for years and years; other bits are left-overs from previous projects that just keep turning up like bad pennies.  I might attempt that scrappy, round the world quilt everyone is going so crazy for these days, but truthfully I can never seem to get my seams to match up properly.  Every morning while on the treadmill I go through all my quilting/crafting magazines and try to find projects that will use up all those bits and pieces.  In an older issue of Quilts and Things I found a pattern for baby bibs that uses charm squares.  Perfect!  I used up 42 squares to make these baby bibs:

Truthfully I could easily make another seven but I did get bored by the end of it.  They are just waiting for some snap closures and they can be put away.  Hopefully someone I know will have a baby soon?

While looking through my fabric I found an enormous pile of red and white fabric strips.  My memory tickled a bit and I can vaguely remember laying them out last year to see how they should go together, but for the life of me I cannot remember what I was going to use them for!
I pieced them together in what I think is a rail fence pattern, and hoped to have enough for a lap quilt.  The frustrating part was that I only ended up with five blocks, not six like I would have preferred.  Since it was close to Valentine's Day I decided to just make a table runner by sewing the blocks together in a single row.

This matches nothing in my kitchen, so it will have to be relegated to the Valentine's or Christmas decorations box.  I do like its scrappy charm though, and it reminds me of my Grammie who always quilted and favourite colour is red.

Today I have the morning at home so I hope to get a few more unfinished projects out of the way.  Some of them are spring-ish which is much needed today with our freezing cold temps outside.

Stay warm,

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