Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Catch Up

Here are a few things I have completed in the past few weeks.  Now that Lent has started and I am severely limiting my computer time I am getting quite a few things done!  That's the whole idea:)

I finally used up this Valentine's day fabric that has been sitting in my fabric stash forever.  Like over  15 years forever.  Yup.  Placemats for Valentine's Day dinner, made on the big day itself.  We used them for two more days and then I felt OK about putting them away for next year.

I am trying to work on lots of quilty type projects to use up some fabric.  I used up a lot of gingham fabric for the backing which helps; but really only a little so far!

After posting about my hearts sampler, Sandra suggested turning it into a needle roll.  It worked perfectly Sandra; thank you for the suggestion!

This is a piece I stitched a couple of years ago and have since waffled on how to finish it .  I got tired of all the indecision so I just finished it into a small cushion.  I used a leftover piece of the placemat fabric for the back.

I also crocheted this ruffle scarf for My Favourite Girl.  We saw a similar one at a church sale before Christmas, and commented how it looks like sea foam.  I found the yarn at the craft store and worked it up for her.  I have to say it was the worst stuff I have ever worked with, but it did come together quickly.  I thought it would be longer, but after looking at the instructions I see the length is bang on.  My Favourite Girl is happy (especially to have it while it's still scarf season!), and we have named it the Mermaid Scarf.

Currently on my crochet hook is a shawl made out of a really pretty variegated yarn.  I like the yarn, but I don't know if the completed project is going to look so great.  I'll use up a ball and then see how I like it.

I still have lots on the go; mostly sewing things at the moment in order to use up some fabric.  I'll post those when I finish them.  The kids and I also completed a 500 piece puzzle over the long weekend.  Actually I should say 499 piece puzzle because the dog gummed up a piece so badly that we could not use it.
I am really wanting to get lots done on my ripple blanket and start some more cross stitch, but we will see.  February is quickly winding down and I'm sure March will zip by just as quickly.

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Vinty Dam said...

I love the Mermaid scarf - and have wanted to make something similar, but that yarn (if you can even call it that!) looks terrible to work with everytime I see some. It's tragic, because the concept is great, but...I dunno.
And your little "be mine" needlepoint(?) is fabulous! So cute!

Sandra said...

Oh my God! What a darling little needle roll it turned out. Looks fantastic Jenn :)

And the place mats are gorgeous! Sometimes we have stuff laying around waiting to find the perfect project, this one was a hit for sure. BTW Do you use interfacing for the place mats? I'll copy the ric-rac ides for one I'm making, if you don't mind.

I do like the shawl so far, the yarn is pretty.

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