Thursday, January 31, 2013


I always want to go thrifting when I hear of others who have had recent luck at it.  Yesterday I went to all three of my local thrift stores, and it was a pretty good day.

For metal pieces I got these:

I've got my shortbread in the tin on the right.  It's nice to have them out of a plastic container, and it's much prettier on my counter too.  The tray on the left reminded me of chintzware so I had to get it.  I thought the colours were a bit dull, but it turns out the tray was just really dirty!  It's called Daher Decorated Ware and it's from 1971.  Designed in the U.S: made in England.  I had a look on ebay for similar ones and there are some seriously beautiful patterns out there.  I will definitely be on the lookout for more.

It's a little hard to tell but this coffee container is actually pink and black!  I was seriously stoked to find it.  Even better was that it was something ridiculous like 79 cents.  Mr. Crafty World likes our current coffee container, so I put our Tassimo pods in there.  There was no way I was leaving that in the store.  It's American too: made by West Bend.  I think they used to make appliances?

For china I got two Wedgewood dishes.  I was only going to buy one but I found out it was was half price day for dishes.  Score!

The dish on the left is big enough to use as a sandwich or cake tray which is nice.  The bowl on the right was quite stained under the glaze, but I currently have it soaking in OxyClean and it's working to clean it up.

For the rest of it I got this big basket to hold the quilts and afghans in our family room.  I'm going to make a liner for it so the crocheted ones don't snag.  I got a few books and a new in package bath pillow and Dimensions cross stitch kit.  The kit was open but everything is there which is nice.

I could not resist the happy daisy and turquoise sheet.  It's going to make the cutest bunting I think.  Another project to add to the pile!

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Vinty Dam said...

That tin is quite awesome! Has a very romantic look to it - and sends very fitting for shortbread! West Bend is actually still making kitchen appliances, w we sell plenty of them where I work, but was not aware they made these!! You had great luck with your thrifty business! :)

Brigitte said...

You have some wonderful finds here. The Wedgewood dishes look really good and the kit with the birds, oh yes, I would have bought it as well because it has a cardinal, one of my favourite birds. Enjoy everything!

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