Thursday, January 24, 2013

Quiet Crafts

I have used a few of my quiet moments to make a few things.  Nothing huge, and more like puttering in the craft room with something to show for it.

I dug out some of the large, flat backed marbles and scrapbooking papers to make some Victorian inspired magnets.  I figured our refrigerator could use some new accessories:

My favourite is this one with the little chateau:  it reminds me of France and how much I want to go again.

I sorted through some of my fabrics and played with a new rubber stamp to come up with a heart decoration:

I used some of my vintage lace and even managed to stick an old, cancelled stamp onto it.  It was a fun afternoon, but it took hours just to get this one thing done!

 Yesterday I cancelled all my commitments to have a "well" day at home.  Libby and I snuggled under the rainbow blanket and watched season one of 'Downton Abbey'.  I also worked a few more rows on my ripple blanket.  It was a great afternoon and I felt much better afterwards.

Wishing you some quiet well days,

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Vinty Dam said...

These are lovely :) Sometimes crafting is a time warp - work all day for little accomplishment, but it is such fun, who cares?! :)
xoxo, Jess

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