Wednesday, January 9, 2013

January 9, 2013: The Good Stuff

In my crochet adventures I have never really strayed beyond the usual yarn you can buy at the craft or department store.  For my blankets I feel fine using the cheaper acrylic yarns because they will take a beating over the years.  Crafty projects are fine with inexpensive cottons and they give me a chance to experiment and I usually pull out more stitches than I put in.  For my wearables I have used the nicest of the cheaper yarns, but I am still not confident enough in my stitching to invest in some of the beautiful, real wools out there.  You know, the good stuff.

Yarns with Integrity.

Now that I work next to a  pretty little yarn shop I can see (and touch, and imagine) the most beautiful of fibres and it didn't take too long to break my resistance.  I bought the most beautiful hand dyed yarn in all my favourite shades of purple and green and blue.  I had great visions to make a lovely neck warmer, but it is not bulky enough. After ripping out those stitches I decided on a simple, v-stitch scarf; something that wouldn't take up too much yarn and would show off the variations in shades.  I ended up using almost two skeins of it, but I am happy with how it turned out - though I wish I did make it a tad longer.

Isn't it pretty?

It's lovely to wear too; not scratchy at all, which I did worry about a little.  It's quite plain: I didn't make any pretty edges for it but really, who's going to notice?

If we had a dog house this one would be in it.

I took her for a short walk to check the mail and while I wasn't looking she found a pile of poop on the ground and ate it.  Gross.  She had just had eaten some treats at home too: ingrate.  There were many dirty looks and admonitions of "bad girl!" on the way home.  She knew she was in trouble because she wouldn't look me in the face.  Perhaps I can convince Mr. Crafty World to brush her teeth when he gets home because I don't want her poopy little mouth breathing on me.  Bad girl.

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Vinty Dam said...

That scarf is delicious! Well, if yarn were something to eat, delicious it would be. I don't think it needs any fancy edges, either, the colours can speak for themselves this way. It really is fantastic dear. :) I found your blog via Cozy Things and will definitely be back! xoxo, Jess

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