Monday, January 7, 2013

January 7, 2013

Today is the first day for everyone to get back into their routine.  I have thoroughly enjoyed this 2 week vacation; it seemed to stretch on and on, but in a good way.  I had to work a few days, and Mr. Crafty World had to work a few days, but they never felt like normal working days, I guess because we knew at the end of our working days we would be coming back to our cozy, post-Christmas nest.  I think the only one who will be happy about getting back to normal is Libby.  Despite  having four people in the house almost all of the time she never did get as many walks as she does when it's just me.

Now when we go out she can sport the fancy new sweater she got for Christmas:

The dog benefited the most from my pre-Christmas making.  She got a flannel quilt for her downstairs dog bed; the sweater; and a fleece toy made with three squeakers.  She was very excited about the toy and it lasted about half an hour before the first hole was chewed through it.  I thought that using polar fleece would be practically indestructible since you can't tear it, but apparently not for terriers like Libby.

I stitched a few cross stitch pieces, but only finished one off into an ornament:

I got thoroughly spoiled at Christmas with treats and books and all kinds of great things.  I did a lot of sewing by had in the lazy days that followed as we lounged around in new pyjamas and re-watched season 1  and 2 of 'Lark Rise to Candleford'.  I made a quilted coffee sleeve for my pretty new travel mug and got most of this little hedgehog done.

I also started some new crochet projects: a scarf made with them most gorgeous yarn I have used yet, and a ripple blanket in blues, greens and greys.

With the new year comes all sorts of inspiration so I have to carry my notebook around with me and jot things down or else I'll never remember it all.  If only there was enough time to make it all!
I don't really make any resolutions, but this year I thought I would like to write more letters.  There's something about getting a letter from someone that tells you all of their news on paper; not snippets of their life on social networks or email.  Sure it's not instant, and by the time it makes its way to you it's old news, but it's such a pleasure to receive.  I have ordered some lovely writing paper from Victorian Trading Co. to get me started, so I'm anxiously awaiting its arrival - by post!

Work has, of course, slowed down since Christmas.  These days I will be using the quiet times to make Valentine decorations for the store.  Good thing too because I really hurt my back yesterday and sitting down is about all I'm good for.  It will get better if I just take it easy for a while, and then Mr. Crafty World and I can re-open the discussion of moving a whole bunch of heavy furniture around:)

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