Tuesday, January 15, 2013

January 15, 2013 W.I.P's 'n Things

I used to have a great rule when I started cross stitching and that was to never start a new project until I finished what I was working on.  I actually followed that rule for a number of years and then for whatever reason I stopped.  It's amazing how much builds up on you when you're not paying attention!  Currently I am trying to finish up a work-in-progress about three years in the making; a Valentine band sampler in cross stitch.  The goal is to get it finished by this Valentine's day, but I'm not going to make any bold declarations or anything.  I'm getting closer to the end so it's quite possible:

My current crochet project is moving along slowly:

I am trying to be random with the colour placement, but I do have to watch out because some colours I only have one ball of and I don't want to run out half way through.

I have a new DIY project and it will remain a W.I.P until summer most likely:

I got it off the curb and it needs a new coat of paint.  I am sure what's on there right now is oil paint so it won't just be a matter of slapping on a new coat in situ.  It is going to be the new home for our TV and I would seriously love to paint a Union Jack over the drawers.  Very 2012 I know, but I still think it would be cool.  Mr. Crafty World will take some convincing though.

Remember when I said I was waiting for an order from Victorian Trading Company?  Well, it came this morning and it wasn't just new stationary I was waiting for:

Aren't they gorgeous?!!  I was a little nervous that they wouldn't fit, because tall rain boots can be funny that way.  However they fit perfectly and they're comfortable.  I can't wait for Spring!

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Vinty Dam said...

Your rain boots are fantastic!! And your crochet is of such lovely colors, reminds one of the sea :) xoxo, Jess

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