Monday, January 28, 2013

Even Shallow Dreams Come True

I am a shopper; plain and simple.  Always have been; more than likely always will be.  One of my little dreams - and I admit quite a shallow one - has been to attend a gift show.  Just to look.  Just to see all that wholesale product laid out for buyers to be tempted with.

 Guess what I did yesterday?

Getting to peruse the Buyer's Guide is like icing on the cake.  No wait; the icing on the cake is helping to decide what to buy:  the cherry on top is not having to pay for any of it!  I just have to sell it.  Not hard when it's all so darn pretty.
I was supposed to go today too, but the school bus company decided they could not possibly drive their busses in the two inches of snow that came down.  So the kiddos and I are at home today, doing "snow day" type stuff.

Part of that will be starting a new crochet project:

A simple wrap using Noro Kogarashi variegated yarn.  I couldn't resist the sale price - $10 a ball!  The yarn colours are hot pink and turquoise and olive.  Sounds gross, but looks nice.  I'm not sure yet what colour the flower will be.
After some much needed house cleaning it will be pyjama time with crochet and season 3 of Downton Abbey:  that makes two awesome days in a row.

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Vinty Dam said...

Very exciting about your show!! Getting to see all the things you have the option to sell is fun! :) And your wrap sounds delightful - the colours don't sound bad at all. xoxo, Jess

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