Wednesday, September 19, 2012

September 19, 2012

Do you remember these I posted a long time ago?

I picked these up off the side of the road in July.  I swear our neighbourhood has the best garbage anywhere!  We need new kitchen chairs and these seem to be much studier than what we've got.  I would have been happy to leave the stained finish and just recover the seats if all the chairs were brown, but as you see there is a rogue blue one.  I started off quickly enough with sanding two of them and applying paint and primer.  The problem was, it was so hot this summer that the glossy paint never really dried well, and you could always see brush marks in the paint.  It was also going to take three coats of paint plus two coats of primer for each chair.  Ugh!  Not the way I wanted to spend my summer.  So I made the decision to spray paint them.  Each chair took one full can can of primer and one full can of paint.  I used 'Heirloom White' by Rustoleum.  For the seat cushions I used fabric left over from my kitchen curtains.

I'm happy with how they turned out and I like the creaminess of the Heirloom White better than the B.M. Cloud White I was originally going to brush on.  My free chairs ended up costing $50 due to the paint, but I still consider it a good deal for four "new" chairs.

Our breakfast nook got an unplanned for makeover in the last two weeks.  The old blinds were breaking down so I picked up some new wooden horizontal blinds at Zellers close-out sale.  I thought white may have been a better choice but I love how the brown wood makes it feel warmer.  I also found a new light fixture at Home Depot on clearance.  It makes such a difference in there I can't believe it.  The whole space just feels cozier I think, just in time for fall:)

Speaking of cozy, I just finished two projects I can show you.  The first is a flannel quilt for the newest little arrival in our family.  I hope he enjoys having tummy time on it.

In addition to the blinds I picked up at Zellers close-out sale I also picked up lots of new yarn at 50% off.  I made this wrap out of a soft and bulky yarn by Red Heart yarns.  The colour is Antique Blue and it's a lovely tweedy looking blend.  It looks much better in person!  I think what I liked most was that I crocheted it up in four days.  That felt really good:)

I have also done a fair bit of cross stitch but I want to finish them up before I post them here.
I'm off to make pumpkin scones as I have been seeing them all over blog-land lately.  I think it must be a sign:)
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Patty C. said...

Beautiful redo!

gillyflower said...

The chairs look wonderful painted and with new covers - it is so satisfying isnt it?!!
I hope you wont think me presumptive but I notice you dont have the blogger follower button? I'm sure there are many bloggers that would like to follow you and with the button its easy to just add yourself as a follower and then see when you have new posts? You have so many great things to share and I wonder whether people are able to keep up with you without it?
Best Wishes Jenn
Gill xx

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