Tuesday, August 7, 2012

August 7, 2012

Our long weekend zipped by and honestly I don't think I could account for my time too well.  Mr. Crafty World was on call all weekend, so we couldn't venture too far from home.  I puttered around my sewing room a bit; I didn't sew anything but I made a bit of a dent in organizing my fabrics.

I did get some cross stitching done however, and have a fully finished piece to show you.
This is a quick stitch from new JCS Halloween issue:

I finished it like they did in the magazine with the beaded border.  I used a small scrap of some starry fabric to finish the back:

It was really fun and I have started on another ornament from the same issue.  I brought out all of my fall and halloween charts in a bout of wishful thinking of all I would like to  accomplish in the next few weeks.  I know I won't get a fraction of the charts stitched, but it's fun to dream anyway!


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