Friday, June 22, 2012

June 22. 2012

It always amazes me how doing one tiny thing often evolves into a full blown project.  Somehow scrubbing my laundry sink last week turned into spontaneous laundry room make-over.  I have been wanting to do this project for ages, but it has been low on the DIY priority list.  Please excuse the pictures:  the before shots were taken after I decided to clear out the room.
I love my laundry room.  It's on the main floor; it's bright; it's large; I can take my laundry outside from here and hang it on my outdoor drying racks.  It's all good, so you can see why it ranks low on the make-over list.

There used to be a wire shelf over the washer and dryer.  Because the dryer does not have the controls on the back, stuff keeps falling down behind it.

A cupboard goes into this corner.  That's the door to the garage on the right.

I just wanted it prettier.  I'm also tired of the yellow paint.  (Can't believe I said that!)  I have also wanted bead board in there since we moved in five years ago.  I knew if I wanted bead board I would have to do it myself.  I'm a bit freaked out about using the table saw so no bead board.  Then I remembered bead board wall paper and my brain started brewing.  I guess cleaning the sink was the catalyst to get me started.  I took off to Walmart and bought two rolls of paper; then off to Home Depot for trim.  Here I am in the middle of the make-over: paper is hung; trim is on; most of the caulking has been done.

It is already much brighter, and now I'm really sure I want to change the paint colour.  I have to use left-overs from the rest of the house so my options are either cream or blue.  I think I'm going to go for blue, and in order to have enough I will have to mix the remnants of about three different cans.  Talk about custom colour!

There will be new shelves over the washer and dryer.  The bread box - which holds my cleaning rags - will get a make-over as well.  This little problem area:


...will be fixed.  It looks OK now, because I just cleaned it up last night.  These shoes are never in their cubbies at the same time and the kids back packs and other "stuff" are plunked on top.  It's also tippy and not very nice looking.  My plan is to make a smaller piece with two shelves and a basket drawer.  The drawer holds the kids mittens/hats/sunglasses, etc.  There will be hooks on the wall for their coats and back packs.  Mr. Crafty's shoes will go into the hall closet, which will also require a make-over.  That's the next project on the list - forget about carpet cleaning!

Unfortunately  I have to put the laundry room on hold until late next week.  It was too hot to paint this week ( like 42 degrees hot),  and I am going on a girly camping trip this weekend.  Next week is the last before school is out, and I really do need to get those carpets cleaned while I have the house to myself.  Kind of a drag, but it will be worth it.  I'll show you the pics as soon as I'm done.

Have a great weekend!

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