Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers Day!!

(Mothers Day roses and lilacs pilfered from the neighbours tree)

A gift from My Favourite Girl:  two length of finger knitting that I turned into coasters.  One for downstairs crafting, the other for upstairs sewing.

My Favourite Boy made me a card at school, en francais.  Roughly translated it says:

  "I love you when you make my lunch.  My favourite moment with you is when you make my snack.  You are my favourite because you are my mother." 

 Male sentiment for sure!

Today is also special because Mr. Craftyworld and I got married 17 years ago today.  I could not find any cards I liked at the store so I decided to make him one.  I wanted to capture all the facets of a marriage; the ups and the downs, so I ended up with 7 drawings and made the card into a small booklet.  I think everything is pretty explanatory:

And there it is: Marriage in Seven Frames.  Mr. Craftyworld liked it:)

Today promises to be warm and possibly sunny, so I'm looking forward to a day of fun and family and a great dinner cooked by Mr. Craftyworld.  Oh, and the champagne too!

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