Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring Baking

One thing I wish I could manage in my life is a little balance.  I love it when a creative urge strikes, but it usually means it consumes me for days or weeks at a time and then it disappears just as suddenly, sometimes not coming back for weeks or months.
  My latest urge has been baking, and daily I have been in the kitchen making a little something.  The counter is now piled with tupperware full of buns, bread and cookies, and only the four of us to consume it before it goes stale.  I suppose there are worse things to have happen, but really, couldn't the creative Muse just dole out it out in an even allotment every time?

I found an extraordinary amount of coconut in the pantry and made cocoa-coconut nests.  They happen to go nicely with the coconut pudding I made immediately after.

For years I have wanted to make Paska doves for Easter.  This was the year it got done!  I didn't use a specific Paska recipe (Ukrainian egg bread), but another egg bread recipe I found in my bread maker manual.  We all thought they were quite cute, lined up like little broody birds:

Plump little things aren't they?

The other half of the dough became one of those braid-y breads.

Saturday night was family movie night, which means supper in front of the TV and something special for dessert if I get motivated.  I made Peep s'mores, which I thought would be gross, but since I ate three I have to give them a thumbs up!

Sunday found My Favourite Boy with no one to play with so we made mini cupcakes.  I made a batch of  icing and gave him some Easter decorations and free reign to decorate.  I think he did a great job:

I'm not sure if I will still be baking mode in order to make my own birthday cake for Wednesday.  If not, perhaps the Baking Muse will have drifted over to Mr. Craftyworld....

Have a sweet week!

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