Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Things

Today is the first day of Spring and it has come like a lamb this year.  We have been enjoying beautiful weather, which made for a very relaxing school holiday last week.  The kids played outside all day, every day, and I had a great time reading and cross stitching.

I stitched Happy Bunny Bunny Day by the Trilogy and made it into a little bag.  Truthfully it is kind of an awkward size, being quite high, so the only remedy I can think of would be to add handles to it and pretend I intended it that way.

I like the design, but didn't really enjoy stitching it because I made a lot of mistakes.  If I had stuck to the original colour palette it would have gone faster, because once you decide to get creative and make your own colour choices the process seems to go that much slower.

I also stitched up this freebie from Trail Creek Farm:

I am not sure what kind of finish I will make with it.  I think I have satisfied my cross stitching urge for the moment, so will probably take a break and do something with it later.  I have come down with a bit of a stomach bug, so nothing really seems appealing to me at the moment.  Thankfully it came after March break ended, and after a day of baking and getting ready for the week.  So for the next few days I'll just take it easy; make my birthday wish list for Mr. Crafty (two more weeks!) and putter around here.  Thankfully the weather is still absolutely gorgeous, so I can at least feel sorry for myself out on a lawn chair!

Have a great week!

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BeckySC said...

TOO cute, Jenn. I love your color choice of fabric for Happy Bunny Bunny Day.

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