Saturday, March 10, 2012

March Break Things

We  have had a great start to March break already.  Yesterday we just hung out at home (My Favourite Boy is still recuperating from whatever bug he caught) doing crafts and watching movies.  My Favourite Girl and I got into the Easter spirit and made a whole egg carton's worth of mini baskets:

It's so relaxing to just cut/paint/paste/embellish.  The snow swirled outside but we were snug and happy with our thoughts of spring.

I stitched a tiny little pillow with what I think are supposed to be jelly beans; though with the over-dyed thread I used they look more like painted eggs.  The thread is from Carrie's Creations and is called 'Spring Delight'.

I wanted to finish is as a biscournou, but the corners would not line up properly and I got tired of fiddling with it.  It doesn't look too out of place when I add it to some of my other stitched decorations, so for now it will just stay a tiny pillow.

The mail carrier left some exciting things in the mailbox yesterday:

...but don't tell anyone because technically I'm not supposed to be shopping for non-essential things over Lent!  I could, however, if pressed make a pretty convincing argument that 'technical manuals' and a needleworking mystery are essential purchases - especially over Lent when there is no television to be watched!

Have a great weekend:)

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