Sunday, March 11, 2012

First Robin of Spring

I decided to take a mini break from stitching up Easter things, so I pulled out this freebie from Elizabeth's Designs:

I used my own hand-dyed linen and finished it into a scissor keep.  I have never done a finish like this before and I think I could have made it a bit longer.  Maybe I'll just use it for secret notes!

My Favourite Girl is starting to exert her independence in the kitchen.  She made herself cinnamon toast the other day for breakfast, then yesterday decided she might like to try baking something all on her own.  After deciding on a gingerbread recipe in this book she got started.

I got out all the ingredients she couldn't reach and she did all the measuring, mixing, rolling and cutting. She thought Easter shapes would be a nice idea.  After baking and decorating ( I did the oven bits, she did all the decorating) she had these beautiful cookies to show for her efforts!

Most of them are gone by now, because she has found out that cookies made by yourself are tastier than any other :)

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BeckySC said...

Your pillow is adorable :)

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