Friday, February 10, 2012

February Things

Our spring teaser weather has disappeared, leaving us in the cold and gray today.  I am supposed to be making doll dresses for Easter but it is hard to find the inspiration.

I am slowly getting ready for Valentine's Day; that is to say I have been playing around with my decorations.  I frou-froued with the mantle a fair bit yesterday.  I had a super early wake-up yesterday morning so puttering was really all I was good for. (Pictures are click-able to get a better view)

The decoration to the far right is new:  I made it yesterday after seeing something similar on a blog.  The internet is just full of crafty inspiration!  

Once I had my button arrangement I had to carefully take each one off and add the tiniest drop of glue before putting it back ex-ac-tly where it was before.  Once the glue dried I stitched each button on with red thread.  
The frame is a garage sale find from a few summers ago.  I got two for 25 cents each and spray painted them white.  They are actually made of wood and not resin so I think they were a really good deal. 

My blanket is growing: this thing is going to be a monster at almost 8 feet long!  I don't know how that happened, but it's too late to make changes now.  On the plus side, it will be big enough to cover two people on each end of the couch so there will be no blanket tug-of-war.

While we're looking at stripes, guess what else is new?

My Favourite Girl is learning how to knit!  There are some amazing lunch clubs at her school, and one of them is the Wooly Wednesday Knitting Club. This is her second piece, which is apparently destined to become a rug in the doll house.  The other finish has become a cape for a stuffed animal.  I keep dropping hints that if she keeps going and makes them larger she will have made a dishcloth for a gift.  She's got big plans for future makes, so I hope she keeps with it.

Thanks for visiting: soon there will be some changes to my blog so stay tuned!


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